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Thread: Alan Reiss' "Dear Wayland Neighbor" flyer and unsupported claims

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    Cool I have the Magazine in my posession


    Yes... this is what I was talking about.
    Perception is reality.

    What does that biologist family of 4 in San Diego who just got a relo to Genzyme think when he researches metro-west to work in Framingham at the Genzyme facility?

    He isn't thinking Wayland now is he?

    Supply and demand = Prices
    Negative feedback loop....

    This MUST be changed and no longer DENIED.

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    Default Denial


    My apologies for implying that you hadn't seen the article, it appeared to me you were understating the perception issue. Thanks for clarifying.

    Despite a personal bias toward action, I think we need to understand the situation better before acting.

    If we try to work the PR issue without a good understanding, then we risk losing credability with the "influencers".

    If we try to work the underlying problem without a good understanding, then we risk taking action that actually fuels the feedback loop you are talking about.

    My perception from interactions with Jeff is that he is being cautious in drawing a conclusion, which is prudent. I think the appearance of denial comes partly from the fact that he is being put on the defensive during a negative election.

    If he were in denial, he would not have pointed me to these blogs when I approached him with the issue, he would have just dismissed it.

    Actions speak louder than words.


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    I certainly felt no need to be defensive here, as Alan and I are on good terms even when we don't agree. And, if I came across as denying a downturn, well, that was simply bad communication on my part. I don't doubt for a second that Wayland's real estate values have been negatively affected by the regional, national, and international real estate [insert your descriptor here].

    What I've been trying to say is that without adjusting for the location, square footage, and lot size of properties being sold in Wayland and other peer towns, you can't conclude that Wayland is underperforming relative to these peers. We *may* be, but then again, as Gary's analysis perhaps suggests at least for Sudbury, we may not be.

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    Lightbulb Well said Jeff...

    Constructive arguing is what *we* do well Jeff.

    My point about denying was....
    Not just Jeff but other very smart Waylanders, who could gather data, analyze statistics and produce results with spreadsheets were, in a sense, were playing 'arm chair quarterback' about some very bad PR on Wayland which was manifesting itself in major and nationwide publications.

    I purposefully stayed out of that statistical analysis in public and decided to go to the source and argue with them behind the scenes. If I couldn't convince them then it didn't matter whether I convinced myself or others in Wayland. At the same time I placed Warren into a position where they were indirectly debating with those blogging on this in great detail. This was very useful to me as it provided me with critical arguments that gave me a conclusion that the world sees Warren as the 'substantiating' source.

    My gut feel is that the moving median figure is a gross statistic which is likened to your MPG and your MPG may vary. Mr Gossels saw a -40% as one data point but his observation was based on a property that had an entry value that was more in line with the 'hay days' of few years past.

    Wayland has taken a hit, a big hit. Other towns have too but Warren has colored Wayland to be exceptional. We MUST deal with this.

    One other thought, if our RE drops enough then people will flood back in because the prices will be so good. This means you will see a rebound in sales which will be good for the RE agents but not so good for the sellers because we will be selling from weakness.

    In my life, I've owned 7 properties and have sold 5... I always tried to sell in a sellers market and I always try to buy in a buyers market. I even sat on a Hingham Mass property for 15 years too long to wait for the right time and was forced to become a landlord... but thats another story in itself.

    You will see Wayland starting to sell again... but the prices will be lower than what we all dreamed they should be.

    The only thing we can do now is stop the bleeding and start the healing.
    I have ideas on why this is happening... other people have their ideas. But whatever we do, lets stop trying to make ourselves feel better about some really bad PR.
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