Looks like if everyone who took out papers turns them in next week to actually run, then there will be several contested races including an overflow for Selectman and Planning Board. The 2 Selectmen whose terms are up both took out papers. A couple people running for Bd. Health. Ms. Regan, who had not taken out papers yet, finally took them out at the last minute this week for PB; think there are officially 2 PB openings on list and not sure if one member is just not continuing. There are some horse race favorites, and some "unfavorites" running. Looks like internet list of positions available for the election may not be totally updated.

However, have to give credit to those who run and volunteer their time and are genuinely interested in the town (vs. those very few who have their very own agenda and/or are not very balanced, and are a detriment to the process , deserve no credit).