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Thread: Another blatantly dishonest flyer, this one anonymous

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    Default Another blatantly dishonest flyer, this one anonymous

    Even fabrications that are of the over-the-top laughably false variety merit refuting. The attached flyer has been seen around town.

    Stimulus funds: Wayland has been told that it will be receiving approximately $650k in stimulus funds. These funds are for special education purposes. Earlier this week, our administrators attended a state information session to understand how these funds might be spent. Far from being silent, the Committee and the Administration discussed this funding at the 3/23 Budget Hearing.

    Point 1. Teachers are paid based on seniority and education, not area of instruction. I certainly disagree with the "mere" characterization for an art teacher or any other teacher in the district. There are many teachers in the district who earn far less.

    Point 2. Teachers self-fund their retirement benefits--they do not cost Wayland residents a dime.

    Point 3. Teachers do not "want a 26% raise." The average cost of living increase for the coming FY10 school year will be 2.5%.

    Point 4. The budget amount of $302,498 is for the entire Superintendent's office, not just his salary. Ditto for the $182,676 Assistant Superintendent amount.

    Point 5. This one is actually accurate. Note that the tax-neutral $315,600 is for the High School Feasibility Study and Schematic Design project, and is separate from the operating budget.

    Point 6. Any raises above the base cost of living adjustment are due to added tenure and/or additional degrees. The overall cost of living adjustment averages 2.5% and the overall budget increase is 3.39%.

    Point 7. Tax RATE isn't nearly as relevant a measure as tax BILL. Wayland's average tax bill falls in the middle of its 15-town peer group.

    Point 8. Not only have people in Wayland been selling homes during the first part of the year, but the median selling price for homes in January 2009 far exceeded the same period in 2008.

    Point 9. The amounts for the two ballot questions are well known (see link below, available from the Finance page on the Web site): $726,000 for question 1 (the HS project) and $1,080,000 for question 2 (a range of municipal items). The amounts will not be printed on the ballot because doing so is prohibited by law.

    Point 9. Of all the town officials to list, this document singles out Sue Pope?! Sue has an incredible positive record of public service in support of Wayland residents.

    It's curious that "VCCTFWTG" doesn't have the courage to identify its authorship. Well, okay, it's not all that curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Dieffenbach View Post
    Point 3. Teachers do not "want a 26% raise." The average cost of living increase for the coming FY10 school year will be 2.5%.
    LOL. Actually, I bet the teachers would love a 26% raise. :-) I'd like one, too (in fact, 100% would be even nicer). But I haven't asked for one, and as far as I know, the teachers haven't either.
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