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Thread: An alternative proposal to campaign lawn signs

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    Default An alternative proposal to campaign lawn signs

    [below is the text of an email that I sent to my fellow School Committee candidates.]


    I suspect that most if not all of us have at least given thought to the idea of placing campaign lawn signs around town. I for one don't take particular pride in seeing Wayland's beauty marred by my name plastered all over the place (online discussion venues excepted, of course!), and to be perfectly candid, your worthy names don't ease my discomfort any.

    While I'm certainly prepared to go down the sign path if that's the prevailing approach, I see the net effect canceling out any advantage that any of us might gain.

    So, here's my proposal, posted in parallel on the Wayland eNews Discussion Forum so that others may comment. Instead of expending the time, money, and natural resources on a lawn sign effort, why don't we take what we would have spent and collectively present it to the Town. My first thought was a symbolic nod to the "inter-generational compact" through a donation to the Council on Aging. But any other mutually agreeable recipient would be fine with me.

    Not only can we have a tangible and positive financial impact, we can free up our resources to spend more time connecting with residents to tell them about our visions for the future of the Wayland Public Schools.

    Jeff Dieffenbach

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    Default My reply...

    Not a bad idea, except my signs are already paid for and on their way. Unfortunately, no refunds allowed as you might imagine.

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    Default Sign of the Times

    Jeff, get ready with your signs.

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    Default It's the Economy, Friend

    Well, the alleged tawdriness of the political signs aside, I see it as a win-win for those of us who aren't as well-known in town as others. I get some name recognition, and I help stimulate the economy! My signs are made in America!


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