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Thread: "Wayland to Wayland" is a great idea ... and it already exists

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    Default "Wayland to Wayland" is a great idea ... and it already exists

    In a 1/29/2009 Town Crier article, Alan Reiss writes:

    The well-being and survival of Wayland families must be the No. 1 priority of our elected officials. It’s irresponsible to think we should solve our budget problems by asking our citizens to pull their belts another two notches tighter. What we need now is Wayland to Wayland. This is the way Wayland should "sacrifice."

    Regarding his notion of "Wayland to Wayland," I was prompted to think of examples of exactly that. Three came immediately to mind (below), but I'm sure that there are numerous others. Please help me identify them so that we can give them the kudos (and the funds) they deserve.

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    Default A more concise definition of Wayland to Wayland

    What is Wayland to Wayland ?
    It's a very simple principle. It means that Wayland's town government must care about ALL of its people. That caring translates into actions which are substantive:
    . Making tough budgeting decisions across ALL town departments;
    . Bargaining hard with our unions during these crisis years;
    . Asking our labor unions to take pay freezes or cuts just like so many of us. **
    . NOT expecting our citizens to continue to endure excessive override tax increases like the 5 they've recommended in the past 7 years.

    Many Wayland citizens are in serious financial trouble. Our elected officials cannot just say that they are 'sensitive' to the ever increasing tax burden.

    Town officials must act affirmatively to find alternatives, even at the expense of some services. But they must also protect and preserve public safety. Public safety is job one.

    Life and death services must not be politicised through override extortion - a common practice in Wayland.

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