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Paul- the reconfig did not claim to "better" last years elementary school experience. I believe it was an option which attempted to make the best of many less better alternatives. A more meaningful comparison might be to compare this years experience with that of a 3 school ES model with different cuts.
Tracy - finally a point on which I could agree with you. The meaningful comparison is comparing this years experience with that of the three schools with cuts. Hmmm...let's see:

*three far less crowded buildings
*kids eating lunch in normal fashion rather than speed racing through it
*more playground equipment
*less bullying
*class sizes at least equal if not better than what we have now
*far less aggravation for parents
*a community that would not be divided

Chime in folks, I'm sure I'm missing many key points.

The reconfiguration was a FAILURE by any measurable standard. We destroyed something great and replaced it with a deeply inferior product, and ripped apart our ES community as a bonus!