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Thread: Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB)

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    Unhappy Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB)

    hello neighbors - a couple of years ago I spoke with the Police Officer in Wayland that was the person 'in the know' about:

    1) National Sex Offender Registry
    2) Number of Level 2 and 3 offenders living in our community
    3) detailed information Level 1 offenders

    In speaking with Kim, we discussed having the Police Department be an active part of this discussion, performing a public service with as much detailed info we should all have relative to known sex offenders... and stats on the likelihood of potential (and/or) preditors living in our community (& not in the registry) if such stats are even available.
    As most of us, it's kind of difficult to process this information - especially when I received information from the Police Officer/not sure rank, etc. that just because #'s may appear lower than you might of thought, does not mean there are NOT preditors living around the corner from you. Oh - that was great news - but... not to be looking over our shoulders every minute, or not letting our kids go up the street to play at a friends... but to get the information we are all legally entitled to... and about Level 1 offenders... well that is a whole other issue. Information is valuable... hopefully it will not prevent any of us from being a part of our community and thinking every other person is a potential sex offender. regards, Hope
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    Here are two very good links for information concerning level 2 and level 3 sex offenders. There is no tracking available for level 1 sex offenders.

    This one actually map the offenders by a street location.

    This is the link to the SORB. It has a links to the breakdown of sex offenders by city/town. As of this date there are NO level 2 or 3 sex offenders that live/work in Wayland.

    Most towns post flyers of the offenders in their town building (police, fire, town hall libraries, etc.)

    Just because we don't have any known offenders living/working in our town doesn't mean they aren't here. We can't live in fear but use common sense, keep a watchful eye on our kids and call the police if some seems suspicous.

    The police logs in the surrounding towns is another great source of information. If you want to be aware of what type of crime is happening around you, the you have to put some leg work into it also.

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    Default sex offenders

    This is a very scary and emotional topic for most parents as well as others. Information is important and I am in favor of all legal means of obtaining it and all reasonable means of dispursing it, I am also afraid of it's potential for unintentional misuse.
    I believe that Society in the larger sense has some responsibility for making this information available to communities, but families also need to address sexual abuse at home. This might be one of the most difficult subjects to bring up with children and many folks don't know when and what words to use. I would not have either. As a former school counselor I worked with parents and teachers to develop programs to help children and families use the same language when having thses discussions, to put programs in the schools as early as Kindergarten to teach very basic skills such as having a plan. what to do if and when etc. My kids are long since finished with the elementary schools. Is this happening? Do you think it should? Is anyone else afraid of Big Brother?


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