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Thread: Hurrah for American Sailor Rich Wilson

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    Default Hurrah for American Sailor Rich Wilson

    A (very) casual acquaintance of mine, Rich Wilson (nominally of Marblehead) has recently embarked on a bit of an adventure. He's the only American competing in the Vendee Globe.

    For those of you not already following this major sporting event, the Vendee Globe is a sailboat race. Aboard high performance Open 60 racing machines. Around the world. Non-stop. Alone.

    Currently on day 25 out of roughly 100, Rich is one of 30 or so racers who started the race, and one of 25 still going strong. As the oldest competitor, sailing one of the oldest boats, he's not in the running to win, but then, this is a race you win just by entering.

    You can follow the race's progress at (be sure to check out the slick interactive race tracker at "IN THE RACE > Race tracker"). For log updates and other information from Rich, check out his site at Rich doesn't just race for himself, but for countless school children following his every move as part of his sitesALIVE educational foundation.
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