Besides the alleged savings in revenue, the School Committee and administration have justified this year’s closing of Loker by pointing to declining enrollment.
This is something that many people could not understand, because even a cursory glance at the numbers will show that the decline over the last 7 years (the period of time the SC has referred to) has been not even half of what the decline was in 1980, when Loker was closed for the first time. (See graph here that compares those two 7-year periods)

This year, what started in September as a small drop in enrollment – 11, as compared to the 35 the SC stated that they expected – has worked its way up to only 6 fewer than last year, and finally, as of today 0 fewer.

We are now dead even with the number of students we had last year – so we now have a zero enrollment decline. And, it is entirely possible that as the year progresses, we could actually have an increase in enrollment as new folks move into town.