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Thread: Save Cochituate Village

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    Default Save Cochituate Village

    Save Cochituate Village: Don't let big business dictate the character of our town. CVS Corp. wants to demolish four stores (Morn's Restuarant, Dunkin Donuts, Wayland Wellness, and Grape Ideas) and build a 13,000 sq. ft. building with two drive-through pharmacy windows and possibly an underground garage. Attend the Zoning Board meeting on November 25th at 9:00 to fight the demise of Wayland's historical village, Cochituate. Your presence and support is needed to counteract yet another large-scale development in our town.
    Visit for more information and to get involved.

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    Lightbulb Cyber Petition

    Perhaps the webmaster of this site would consider posting a petition tool of support where registered users could post a name on that petition. Something similar to what was done on this site as candidate endorsements in the past.

    Bethann, perhaps you could ask the webmaster for this and, in turn, write a concise statement that would form the header of the petition.

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    Default online Petitions

    Alan, a petition is a good idea, but we haven't done that before. We have taken endorsements among a selection of candidates, but that's a little different. I don't have petition software loaded on the site, so it's a manual task, better suited to existing sites.

    We have had Discussion Forum participants post links to ePetitions, such as one that some of the football families signed trying to get access to the High School playing fields back when they were natural grass.

    I think back I recommended (and they did end up using) www.petitiononline for hosting the petition. It's easy to set them up, and if you do, you can post a link to it here.

    Kim Reichelt
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    Default Petition

    That is a great idea Alan, and I'll look into it. In the meantime, there is a yellow sandwich board to the side of the Cochituate Fire Station. I am collecting signatures and organizing the petition. There is a petition there for all to sign.

    As an aside, I just received and email from Daniel Bennett, Building Commissioner informing that the Zoning Board of Appeals has postponed the meeting from tomorrow (11/25) until 1/27. Obviously, postponing the meeting with just 24 hours notice does not leave lots of time to notify all the folks that were planning on attending. Please pass on the information.


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