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Thread: Presentation by Selectman Reiss on override options

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    Default Presentation by Selectman Reiss on override options

    Posted on behalf of Alan Reiss:

    On 2/14/06 Selectmen Alan J Reiss made his personal viewpoint presentation to the Board of Selectmen on the subject of override ballot types and voter choices which are allowable under Massachusettes state law. The presentation contains statistical data on past override trends, statewide taxation trends and Wayland residential property distribution trends. The materials exist in three different formats PDF, PowerPoint and a 20 minute AVI movie. You can get direct download access to these materials at There is an initial READ ME FIRST PDF file to get you started.

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    Default Community vs. Granular Self-Interest

    The presentation was thorough and clearly Mr. Reiss spent a lot of time constructing arguments to support his viewpoint. I could not disagree more with his desire to offer granular choices. Common interest, not self-interest, is what community is about. I support the Finance Committee’s recommendation of a $2.1 million override for the benefit of all Wayland residents.

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    Default Preserving Values and Value

    I appreciate Alan Reiss's efforts to find options to resolve our annual budget challenge, but I don't think a menu or pyramid approach is the way to go. I have watched in my previous work in a neighboring and comparable town, Lexington, as such an approach pitted departments against each other, fragmented the town, and increased the lurching in the budget process from year to year. A board hearing process, like ours, with a wholistic comparison of each need in relation to other needs arrives at the best solution for a town overall. A voter in a booth seeing only a menu cannot see the comprehensive thinking involved, and the effect of such an approach can be to dismember the good effort on behalf of the whole town. I urge a single override package for the voters to decide on as the best way to preserve Wayland's values and value long term.

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    Default Well said!

    Mr. Astley, well said!


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