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Thread: Please respect our educators' time

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    Default Please respect our educators' time

    Of late, the Superintendent has received a larger than normal number of public records requests. While I'm not suggesting that all or even some of these requests are inappropriate, I do want to remind residents that time spent responding takes away from their time educating Wayland's children. I ask only that residents take this reality into consideration.

    This past week, the Superintendent received an information request by email and on which I was copied. I intended to send a brief comment to the Superintendent, but inadvertently sent that comment back to the original sender. So that my comment is not misinterpreted and does not serve to spark an unwarranted "escalation," I'd like to share in its entirety the message that I meant to direct to the Superintendent.

    I'm sure that your instinct is good here, but PRL [the Public Records Law] doesn't mean you have to answer every question, just supply existing public records.

    The literal meaning was my intended meaning. I was in no way suggesting that the Superintendent not answer questions. Rather, I was sharing my confidence in his judgment about *how* to answer questions, and noting the technical distinction that the Public Records Law pertains only to answering questions asking for existing public documents.
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