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Thread: Susan Pope Should be Ashamed

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    Default Susan Pope Should be Ashamed

    It is a sad day for our town and our district. Susan Pope has decided to drag our local politics into the gutter. She has mailed to apparently every household in the district a political postcard that knowingly maligns and misrepresents Representative Tom Conroy's record on state aid to our towns. The unprecedented political smear states that Tom Conroy voted against a plan to give Lincoln, Sudbury and Wayland $1,203,459 more in local aid. Her post card goes on to say:

    "This, from the guy who promised voters that his "TOP PRIORITY AS
    STATE REPRESENTATIVE IN 2007" was to "bring more state aid to our
    towns..." and "IF this is how Tom Conroy treats his "top priorities"
    then what about all the other issues you (underlined) care about?"

    Susan Pope knows that this is a complete distortion and the result of political game-playing by Republicans in the legislature. It is appalling that she has chosen to pollute our local politics with such scurrilous campaign tactics.

    The truth is this:

    In January, as required by law, the Governor submitted a balanced budget with a proposed 4% increase in state aid. In February, Tom Conroy appealed in writing and in person to House of Representatives leadership to increase state aid further. In March, the Governor and both chambers of the legislature ― at the request of towns and cities across the state who wanted an early and final agreement on state aid so that they could plan local budgets accordingly ― agreed to a 6% increase in state aid, amounting to $233 million. Tom Conroy voted for this resolution. In April, Republicans offered a series of budget-busting amendments that proposed to alter this agreement by taking $450 million from the stabilization or "rainy day" fund, and allocate it to state aid.

    Tom Conroy voted against the Republican amendments for several reasons.

    (1) There was no accompanying proposal to replace the $450 million. Thus,
    the proposal was fiscally irresponsible. In light of our current economic
    crisis, we should all be thankful today that the legislature didn't approve this political gimmick.

    (2) Removing $450 million from the stabilization fund would have imperiled
    the state's credit rating, causing our borrowing costs to increase,
    furthering the fiscal irresponsibility, and imposing more pain on taxpayers.

    (3) The agreed-upon state aid increase of 6% represented the biggest line
    item increase in the entire state budget, with the exception of Medicaid.

    (4) The Republicans ― fully recognizing that the amendments would not pass ― demanded roll call (rather than voice) votes to put Democrats on record as voting against state aid increases. As such, this scheme was widely recognized as a partisan maneuver designed to enable Republican candidates to mislead voters about Democrats during the campaign season.

    (5) After working hard on serious legislation designed to help our towns rather than play political games, Tom Conroy voted with the majority of his colleagues to increase state aid dramatically in 2007 and 2008, which yielded nearly $2 million in additional state aid for Lincoln, Sudbury, and Wayland, an increase of 15%.

    First Susan Pope commissioned push-polling earlier in this campaign season designed to mislead voters about Tom Conroy's record and integrity. Now she has sent out this dishonest mailing to the entire district. Susan Pope has apparently lost her moral compass and is dragging our local politics into the gutter. She should be ashamed.

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    Default Related Documents

    I thought it would be useful to post a couple of documents relating to Jon's post.

    (1) a pdf of the postcard that was sent out
    (2) a press release from Tom Conroy responding to it

    Both are attached to this post.
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