There are so many reasons to support Tom Conroy for re-election because Tom has done such a good job in so many ways and on so many issues. Tom's impact as just a first-term representative has been remarkable by any standard. He promised to listen to constituents, to be responsive and to deliver for our towns. He has done all of that. Through his hard work and his capacity to understand and interpret difficult budgetary and other issues, Tom has become a go-to guy for colleagues for analysis of budgetary and many policy issues, while at the same time being a very principled independent voice on Beacon Hill. The fact that he opposed the Governor's biggest initiative, the Casino Gambling Bill, but still commands respect and influence throughout the Legislature and executive branch, is far more remarkable than most people realize. We are truly lucky to have Tom Conroy as our State Representative and we'd be crazy not to re-elect him. What follows is a summary of his record on key issues. You can go to for more information.

Accomplishments as State Representative as of August 2008

Obtaining More State Aid: Since taking office in 2007, has helped secure state aid increases for Lincoln, Sudbury, and Wayland of 15% over the past two years -- a nearly $2 million increase.

State Aid to Towns Average Annual Increase 2007-2008
Lincoln $104,010
Sudbury $517,444
Wayland $348,533

Lowering Property Taxes: Successfully advocated with House leadership to close corporate tax loopholes abused by out of state corporations, which is expected to generate $200 million in new revenues for the Commonwealth.
Helped a bill become law that will save our towns from funding pension shortfalls (~$750,000 in 2007 in Wayland) each year because of underperforming investment management by local pension boards.

Preserving the Environment: Advocated and voted for the 2008 Global Warming Solutions Act, which sets targets for reducing carbon emissions in Massachusetts by 2025; the Green Communities Act, which promotes renewable energy sources and invests in making municipal buildings “greener”; the Environmental Bond law, which will preserve and maintain state parks; and the Green Jobs Act, which provides training for displaced workers to find work in the renewable energy industry.

Promoting Economic Development: Successfully included in the 2008 life sciences law a provision that will generate new jobs and could reap upwards of $500M for the Commonwealth as Massachusetts-based scientific teams achieve medical breakthroughs to cure chronic diseases.

Successfully advocated with State House leadership to reduce the corporate income tax from 9.5% to 8.0% over the next five years, reducing the tax burden for small Massachusetts-based businesses.

Voted in favor of freezing the unemployment insurance rate, which is expected to save employers $153 million this year.

Improving Education: Cosponsored the bill to allow for alternative ways of measuring student success, as opposed to relying solely on MCAS scores.
Advocated successfully during the budget process for increased funding for special education and regional transportation.

Improving Local Infrastructure: Successfully advocated with the Governor’s housing department to obtain $1.7 million in state housing funding for the Nike site.
Secured $75,000 in funding for Sudbury that would help link Sudbury’s hiking trails and neighborhoods to the new Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.

Promoting Justice on Social Issues: Voted against the proposed amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution to ban same-sex marriage.
Voted against restoring the death penalty in Massachusetts.

Helping Constituents: Intervened with the Division of Unemployment Insurance so that a Wayland resident could obtain unemployment insurance benefits that were inexplicably delayed for five months.
Met with and prevailed upon the health insurer of a Sudbury resident to approve a medical procedure that the health insurer had previously refused to cover.

Helped a resident obtain child support payments that were mired in red tape.

Blocked legislation that would have impaired a business owned by a district resident, thus helping save about 20 Massachusetts-based jobs at the firm.

Analyzing Major Issues Facing the Commonwealth: Authored a twenty-page, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the three resort casino proposal promoted by the Governor, which informed his vote against the idea.
Wrote the “Special Commission Report to Investigate and Study the Commonwealth’s Liability for Paying Retiree Health Care and Other Non-Pension Employee Benefits”, which outlines options and recommendations for funding future liabilities in a fiscally responsible manner.

Voting Record / Office Hours: Maintained a 96% voting record, and 99% since February 2007.
Held office hours monthly since December 2006, immediately after being elected.
Started “Ask the Rep” on local cable TV in August 2008, a monthly opportunity for constituents to call in and ask questions about state and local issues of concern.
Responded to over 2,000 emails and phone calls from constituents since taking office.

From becoming a major player with a strong principled, independent voice as a freshman legislator on a range of key issues, to his close attention to constituent issues and concerns, to his various roles in the community with his kids and through his church, Tom Conroy is a model legislator, representative and community member. He has earned our vote.