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Thread: Margaritaville

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    Default Margaritaville

    I hope that we can all at least agree on the good vibe given off by USA Weekend's "Margaritaville" contest. They asked readers to come up with new lyrics to the Jimmy Buffett classic. More than 14,000 people responded. Here's the winning entry. Much much more available at their web site.

    A glass of perfection
    Headed my direction
    Givin' my mind a chance to be free
    Head's still reelin'
    Sunburn's still peelin'
    Finding sand where sand shouldn't be

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    Default Its now time for that Margarita

    Yahoo Headline: Dow plunges 679 for 6th triple-digit loss in a row
    Closes near 8,500 a 39.4% drop since one year ago...

    Its now time for that Margarita.... or two.

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