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Thread: Behind The Scenes At The Town Building

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    Default Behind The Scenes At The Town Building

    Behind the scenes at the joint meeting of the Board of Selectmen with the Planning Board on February 6.

    The letter to the editor that appeared the February 9 issue of the Town Crier made some incorrect statements that I would like to clarify.

    There was an overcrowding situation in the Selectmen's Meeting Room at the Town Building for the joint meeting with the Planning Board. The Selectmen opted to move the meeting to the large Hearing Room. The Planning Board members set up the room themselves to accommodate the large crowd.

    The BOS meeting had begun at 7p.m.the Selectmen and the Town Administrator were in their places. Some business was conducted. At about 7:15 the agenda item concerning the mixed use overlay district bylaw was discussed. It was at this point the decision was made to move the meeting.

    When the meeting was moved out of the Selectmen's Meeting Room, I went upstairs to the School Committee Room where another volunteer was taping and saw that he had another Sony TV camera with him. The two of us hustled down to the Hearing Room and set up the tripod and camera and started taping the proceedings concerning the Town center project.

    I want to thank Ken Isaacson for his help in rescuing the situation. The broadcast of the meeting did not go out live, but what we were able to tape under these difficult circumstances will be aired over the Wayland Channel on Friday Feb 10 and Sunday Feb 12 at 2 p.m.

    Unfortunately the letter to the editor did not reflect these realities of the situation.

    Richard P.Turner Operations Director
    WayCam Channel 9
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    Default Thank you to WayCam volunteers

    In the spirit of thanking those people who do useful and oftentimes thankless jobs, I send a thank you to everyone who does taping for WayCam. As it is so difficult to make it out to all of these meetings, I have found it extremely helpful to have them broadcast on cable.

    I wish there could be even more coverage of even more meetings, but unless I'm willing to go out there and do it myself (as the WayCam volunteers have done), how can I complain?

    Thanks for your efforts!


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