I think that if someone is not posting on a thread, then their name should not be used by others. It is a very creepy feeling to find out that someone else felt the need to try and express your thoughts or ideas. There are plenty of ways to relay what you heard, without referencing a specific person, for example:
"there were public comments at the mtg regarding x topic, which I disagree with...".
Or, "From what I heard folks saying, it sounds like the issue is...."

I don't think anyone should be restating someone else's words, using that person's name, unless it is a direct quote. Otherwise, the original message is once removed and only portrays what the second person interpreted was said.

Jeff- I think we probably agree on many things, nonetheless, the focus should be on the ISSUE, not the PERSON. I think you have been quick to label someone as seemingly against you, when really they have a differing opinion on a certain issue. This is similar to others who don't believe they've been heard, when really the other party heard them, but ultimately did not agree.

Even with the most volatile issues, civil adults should be able maintain respect, courtesy, and acceptance of opposing views--it may be that you are in complete agreement on something else. If it has become so personal that you cannot tolerate accepting someone else's opinion at face value, I'd say it's time to step back, as it is not constructive.

Also, I apologize for not acknowledging the bolding- I did add that to illustrate MY point and should have made note of that.