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Thread: Our School "Reconfiguration"

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    It appears that we are at an impasse in regards to reconciling what was budgeted and what was saved on this reconfiguration. I'm highly skeptical, however, that the real savings are anywhere close to $500K, much less $700K, or even $300K. Unless the administration -- the many subtle reminders of how busy it is notwithstanding -- is able to specifically verify that number in comparison to actual expenditures from FY 2008 allocated to the elementary schools I disagree with the judgment of assuming a figure like that as fact (or made public).

    As for the link you provided, it's tough to get a read on how well the budget was adhered to. In total, yes, the budget to actual variance is nothing. But to read deeper into it begs some questions. For instance, for costs in Section I (Regular Instruction) covering Math, Science, English, Languages, etc. -- what I would argue is the core of the school program, FY 08 results were $500K under budget. It should be noted that the Administration line item, especially for "Supervision" and "Clerical", was ~$100K over budget. So, excepting Admin costs, the direct costs of actually teaching the classes were actually underspent by $600K. Why are Admin costs at 110% of budget while Math & Science are at 94%?

    Maybe there is more to be read into this but the data within the FY 08 summary from the link you provided do not explain it. It is not enough to say that, since the total expense of $29.6M matches the appropriated budget, it was a fiscally prudent year.

    It should be clear when assessing the FY 10 budget what has been historically spent in areas more illustrative than the FY08 actual-budget summary. We should be able to see not only what the priorities are as they pertain to subject and grade level, but simply what it costs.

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    So that it's not lost in this mega-thread, I've updated the projected elementary school reconfiguration cost savings in a new thread here.


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