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Thread: Advertising and the Schools

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    Default Advertising and the Schools

    I'd like to know what people think about advertising and the schools. At present, the School Committee is in discussion with the Wayland Beautification Committee (WBC) about having local landscaping companies perform upkeep on sections of school property in exchange for placing moderately-sized signs (12"x18") designed by the WBC. Doing so would obviously improve the appearance of our property and perhaps save the town some money along the way.

    This re-opens the general discussion of advertising and its appropriateness. Questions include:

    Q: Should landscaping companies be the only ones able to have their name on a WBC sign? What if a local business of another sort wished to pay the cost of the landscaping--would the be able to have their name on the sign? What about regional, national, or international companies? What types of businesses shouldn't be on signs on school property? Liquor stores? Stores that sell liquor? Other types of stores or businesses?

    Q: Should a message other than a business name be allowed to be on the sign? If so, who should decide the appropriateness of messages? What types of messages shouldn't be allowed?

    Q: Should the schools pursue other types of advertising? We already have some--two that come to mind are ads in the yearbook and brands on vending machines, and there are probably others. Depending on how you define advertising, you might even include Google ads or brands on products in use in the schools (textbooks, technology, ...). If the schools were to pursue advertising, which of the following should or should not be off-limits?
    - Advertising on the sides of buses
    - Advertising at athletic venues
    - Advertising on the Wayland Public Schools web site
    - Advertising inside the buildings
    - Naming of buildings

    Q: If the schools should pursue advertising, what other options are there?

    Q: Does the amount of revenue that might be raised make a difference? $50-60k pays for a teaching position. A few hundred thousand might cover most or all of full-day Kindergarten. A million dollars pays for athletics.

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    Default Good Topic to Kick Around

    The notion of advertising in a public schools is already underway in various parts of the US and has been for some time.

    Some links which are relevant

    There are many others.

    Arguments against:
    1. "knee jerk" reactions against commercialization of a captive public school audience funded by the public
    2. Toxic products imposed on school kids (not just the usual stuff like the obvious... cigarettes by foods which are considered unhealthy)
    3. Interference with the learning experience
    4. Product liability and indemnification issues for a school system and town

    Arguments for:
    1. Some commercials could be seen as educational as injected during free time or 'in the cracks' of the day.
    2. Some advertisement (ie. bus banners) when selected appropriately would make sense for local advertisements. For example, Verizon or ATT/Cingular (who both have cell tower capabilities now in town) might considered bus banner advertising and it would be a fairly neutral topic to display and would make a lot of sense.
    3. As you mentioned, landscaping companies or other local business's paying for the service could get the benefit of small signs posted in strategic areas.
    4. Naming athletic fields, buildings, areas for periods of time with a corporate branding, when appropriate could make sense.

    I hope many people chime in on this but in general, if the product is not toxic - in fact healthy. The arena is appropriate and the legal stuff is worked out then I say, bring in the money and save those services because ever increasing taxes are just unsustainable for many. going into the future.

    But you knew I'd say that.

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    Default Sounds groovy

    Sound great to me. Why don't we do it now? It's pretty easy to demarcate the "products" that are harmless or good for kids v. the bad. Landscaping is pretty harmless (no pun intended).

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    Lightbulb Teacher Sells Ad space on Tests

    This old thread now can be resurrected because of this link I read today on YAHOO

    You may not agree with the approach, but you have to admit... its creative.


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