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    Quote Originally Posted by TracyScheidemantel View Post
    Yes, that they are completely unable to even listen to another perspective! Thankfully I wasn't speaking to them!

    I also found it interesting (frankly, sad) that all of these very concerned parents quickly left after "venting" and did not stay to hear about the position the committee will take on Question 1- repeal of the state income tax! If those people truly believe our system is "degraded" now, you'd think that they would be interested in discussing the cuts that could face our community (not only schools, but SAFETY, etc.!!!) in January.
    Not to mention missing the info re: our High School, which will affect every one of the people in that room and even moreso, their children!

    There are many points of view and all should be encouraged and respected.
    Nobody in that room cared about your perspective, Tracy. You were perceived by all as gloating, arrogant, and obnoxious. That would have been a great opportunity to stay quiet and listen to people whose community you so happily helped to rip apart. Instead, you took the opportunity to blather on in a room full of people (SC and administration excluded, along with the four or five of you who always sit up front and gossip with each other about everyone else in the room) who would be happy to never hear from you again. Don't bother to post about how angry I am, how rude my comments are, etc. I stand behind it all no matter what your response, if any.

    As to staying to listen to the rest, I can only speak for myself but listening to you and XXXX talk is what drove me out of the room. I could not listen to even one more word and have no respect for your point of view as it is both one-sided and totally devoid of sympathy. The other subjects probably would have been interesting. Even though I didn't stay, let me guess how it went -- SC against the income tax repeal, if it passes we will have to cut, cut, cut, and the new HS is critical to our kids and we're doing the greatest job in the history of the modern world in working with the State. I think I must be close...

    I hope I have been as perfectly clear as possible.
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