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Thread: What's going on at the landfil??

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    Default What's going on at the landfil??

    In response to Asa Foster’s letter in the Town Crier, “What’s going on with the Wayland landfill?” Nice letter, with provocative information.
    After reading the letter in last weeks Town Crier, I thought the amount for the new sticker was a typo. I went to buy my sticker this past week, and was literally shocked at the reality $320?? $40 for each additional one?? And I was told, they cut one position and cut other by one-half (so, the trash will pile up along with the leave and take stuff that seems to sit for days).… and to add to the mix, the Board of Health is cutting the landfill hours. But, when I called the BOH couldn’t divulge what the changes would be. All of this after they sell you the inflated sticker. I checked neighboring towns: Weston’s is about $200, and their dump is open one more day, and the permit $190, plus $20 per extra car. Sudbury charges $125 for a full year; $10 for second vehicle. Natick is pay as you throw, and they will pick up wood stuff at your house for a small fee. Framingham is full trash pick up rolled in with taxes.
    I am outraged, and believe that others are too, but what can we do? We, as tax payers deserve input and better management of this town. I cannot believe that the Board of Health volunteer member could decide such measures without input from the town, I thought that voting in a town manager would eliminate fiefdoms and power plays from town boards. What is going on with the new DPW?
    For those of us still reeling from a huge override and the school problems we now face, what’s next?

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    I'm just a spectator like you on this topic, but my understanding is that the change from a landfill to a transfer station is the reason for the big jump. I'd certainly like to hear more, though.

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    Smile Another option?

    I too am a spectator on this subject, as I have chosen to have curbside collection from Waste Management as my method of trash disposal and recycling. I pay $120 per quarter ($480 per year) for this service. In exchange for this fee, they come once a week to my home to collect my trash and recycleables. I've been using their service for the last 13 years, and can't remember a time when they failed to show up.

    So, if the sticker is $320 + $40 per additional car, then assuming you have two stickers, the difference is $120 per year or a mere $2.50 per week. My suggestion is to simply switch to private collection, and be done with it. Trust me, you'll like the service, and as the cost is comparable, it seems like a reasonable alternative.

    Or... you could continue to try and fight city hall, be frustrated, and pay the higher fees anyways.


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