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Thread: Cell tower- which carrier should I choose

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    Question Cell tower- which carrier should I choose

    Does anyone know what providers will be going up on Reeves Hill? My cell phone isn't the best right now, but I'm afraid to get a contract and have another carrier actually have coverage.

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    I checked with one of our town officials, and learned that there will be four carriers on the tower. It is not certain which four, but probably between the four on Reeves Hill and the Nextel Tower on Rte 20 all bases should be covered.

    He's going to get back to me on Monday with more information. The tower is expected to be constructed in late March/April and should be operational by May.

    harrydogyo, just curious: What carrier are you using now, and where are you having service problems?

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    Default cell coverage

    I currently have both Cingular and Verizon, and neither one works in my house. I have friends with Nextel, and it works, but intermittantly. I am counting the days until the tower goes operational. Can't wait!


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