Many of the issues on this board are controversial, and for many people, the emotions surrounding them are running high.

I'd like to ask that we all remember that everyone who posts on this board is a fellow resident, a neighbor.

I do not want to discourage debate in anyway, and in fact, I actively encourage it. But please keep your posts respectful and civil. I would like this board to remain a place where anybody can feel comfortable posting their thoughts on a topic without fearing being personally attacked as a result.

A few thoughts:

  • Re-read your posts to make sure they say what you really mean, and won't be misconstrued (if you make a mistake - do you can go back and edit it)
  • Treat all other posters like they are someone you might end up standing in line with at the grocery store - there's a good chance that at some point you will!
  • A little humor goes a long way!

Kim Reichelt
posting as Administrator