Well, of course itís legal and itís not unethical.
But is it appropriate?

If you are the SC, Tracy, Ben or Steve, I suspect the answer would be yes, absolutely!

But several people Iíve spoken with, do not feel that way.
And Iím not referring to Dawn Davies, who claims to not even visit this site to read the posts. Iím referring to several other people who donít want to waste their time posting here.

From one of them, who shall remain nameless, ďKim just constantly defends the SC and tries to make them out to be perfect angels, capable of only good thingsĒ

I agree. And this seems completely inappropriate.

Her post against Alan - "Is use of waylandmass.us domain name misleading?" Ė seemed to be more of a distraction away from the real issues with the SC website than any meaningful, legitimate complaint about injustice.

Prior to that, Iíve noticed some posts that I had made that were clearly directed at Jeff, where Kim jumps in, gets her own dialogue going with me and then of course by the time Jeff returns, itís easy for him to ignore my post to him because it was so long ago.

I realize that I am also guilty of jumping in when a question is asked of someone else, but thereís a time and a place and a degree for everything, and I make efforts not to hijack the thread in the process, which Kim has done on more than one occasion. Anyway, I donít own this site.

So, while I think the answers from most people would be pretty predictable, and this might be more of a rhetorical question than anything, is it appropriate for Kim to be jumping in and defending the SC on so many threads?