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    Default Loker article

    I wrote an article in last week's Town Crier, which they chose to edit.
    They left out only a few words, but in doing so, I believe they left out a very key point.

    Here's a link to the article:

    Here's what I posted on the Crier website comments:

    "I regret that the Crier chose to edit a line out of my article.
    While I was not looking to stir up controversy, I felt it was necessary to acknowledge the Loker closing by referring to it in a benign way.
    However they chose to edit the last line in the 3rd paragraph.

    My version:
    'On Thursday, parents put aside their concerns about the reconfiguration and enjoyed the moments they had left with their proud students.'

    Their edited version:
    'On Thursday, parents and teachers enjoyed the moments they had left with their proud students.'

    While no good can come from perpetuating bad feelings or from living in the past, likewise no good can come from ignoring or downplaying a reality.

    I believe that I presented this in a matter of fact, non-controversial and factual way with those few words, while remaining focused on the events and the sadness of that day.

    I regret that the Crier chose to remove those words and in doing so, ignored a very significant part of the day."

    Is it in the best interests of the general public that the paper edit out something like this?
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    Default I want you to know


    Your article in print in connection with the pictures you took of the kids standing there and clapping and also knowing what was going on in the backdrop honestly put tears in my eyes. It may not ultimately be the last day for Loker but it is the last day for those kids at Loker and that is final enough for now.

    Your article flowed beautifully and captured the moment and the day for all of us who could not be there. What you said and what was ultimately printed spoke volumes without ever having to mention any direct references to the underlying circumstances.

    That being said, I completely understand your desire to want people to know exactly what you wrote and I too, am glad you were able to write it now and show it, albeit to a smaller audience.

    The reality is that newspapers own the paper and they have the ultimate editorial knife - once an article is submitted, it is open to their final veto.

    Have a great Forth of July !!


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    I can't fathom why the Crier altered your words--I agree that they were fair, and given the article's opening, it's not as if the Crier elected to excise all mention of the change.


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