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There has been much expressed on this thread (and elsewhere) which sounds to be a continued reaction to the school consolidation process and/or decision. I don't think the passion, time and argument here really has alot to do with websites, links or OCPF regs. I'm sure people are expressing real opinions, but it has been said a number of times that these discussions would not be occurring had it not been for the school consolidation.

I think continuing to look for ways to discredit the SC does not help any of us. They are volunteers and our neighbors and I don't see that they have any personal gain in this. I completely understand there are some who will disagree with their decision forever, but spending so much time and energy finding other fault seems counterproductive. I'm not saying that people shouldn't speak up if they see a problem or better yet, have a suggestion---and I'm sure no committee is perfect, but if the SC is continually forced to defend everything, are they really able to work on what we elected them for? I understand the loss or gain of confidence, but I think that is where our vote matters most.
"Trust is the hardest thing to find and the easiest thing to lose..." - Unknown

The point you're missing, Tracy, is that it is not about discrediting the SC. The SC did that for themselves. It is also not about whether these folks are neighbors, volunteers, nice people, etc. That is a given. In the end, however, the SC controls 70% of our town's budget, and they lost the faith of some portion of the public. All the questioning and criticism that comes along with that lost faith is to be expected.

BTW, I could take your analogy into government all over the place. George Bush, for example, is hardly basking in adulation. Does that take away from his ability to run the nation? Congress is forced to run for re-election every two years. Does that take away from their ability to transact business? And so on, and so on...