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And yes, Jeff D is the almighty registrar of www.WaylandSchoolCommittee.org so if Jeff wants to make a flood there he can.
Technically, I'm the registrant, not the registrar. To check this, I went to Network Solutions' WHOIS page for www.waylandschoolcommittee.org to get the terminology correct.

Since I registered the site on behalf of the School Committee more than six years ago, I hope that I'll be forgiven for not remembering the details. So, what did I find when I checked the registration today?

Well, both the "Registrant Organization" and the "Admin Organization" are listed as the Wayland School Committee. I find it interesting that none of the people taking exception to the ownership and control of the WSC web site chose to indicate that simple fact.

Maybe, like me, they never thought to look. Maybe they looked and saw it, but didn't want to undermine their already tenuous arguments. So far, unable to come up with a logical, legal, or ethical complaint, the best they've been able to do is repeat the weak "I don't like like it, it's bad, but I can't articulate a convincing reason why" line of attack.

To be fair to Dave Bernstein, he did eventually manage a novel line of thinking about a highly unlikely event: *IF* a future minority of the WSC managed to hijack the site and use it improperly (most likely, to send an unsolicited communication regarding a ballot question), the majority of the WSC would not have a legal recourse to correct the site. (Pretty cool how I "quadruple emphasized" the "if," huh? [grin])

Even that one surviving line of thinking evaporates in the face of the Wayland School Committee's March 2002 registration of its official web site.