"Picture yourself at a college football championship game. Cheering fans of both teams clog the stands. The play is rough, and the crowd is fed up. Supporters of each side insist that their own guys are playing fair but the other team is clearly breaking the rules. How can both sides be right? According to the surprising insights of True Enough, they are: when sports fans claim to see only the opposing team playing dirty, that really is what they 'see.' It is a classic example of how our deeply held beliefs can supplant our very perceptions of what's 'real' and what's not in the world around us. And as Farhad Manjoo explains, the phenomenon holds sway in areas far removed from football."

So reads the beginning of the inside book jacket copy of salon.com writer Farhad Manjoo in his excellent new book, "True Enough," which I offer without any further comment except to say that I hope he means real football and not the American version.