Several people have raised the question of how the redistricting (and the resulting transportation plan) might have been different had the School Committee not charged the Administration with minimizing transfers of current Claypit Hill and Happy Hollow students.

Please note that this is my thinking only, and does not necessarily represent that of other Committee members, the Committee as a whole, or the Administration.

The redistricting plan is available here. As it turns out, this plan is most likely the same (or nearly so) as what the Administration would have recommended had the Committee not asked for the "minimum transfer" consideration.

The alternative plan would have been to have some (but not all) Woodridge Road students walk to Happy Hollow while having students near Cochituate Ballfield and in the Damon Farms neighborhood (plus a few others) travel to Claypit Hill. Doing so would have created longer rides for those students at the south end of town while requiring Woodridge Road students to cross Route 27.

While this would have somewhat alleviated the alleged "affluence line," it would have done so with minimal if any transportation savings (my estimate), longer bus rides for some, and no real "affluence diversity" benefit.

During my time serving Wayland since 1995 as an appointed and elected official, I've seen little of the "north vs. south" divide rumored of old. Why? In large part, the credit goes to the Parent Teacher Organizations, who work hard to spread community fund-raising equitably among the students. I see no reason why this excellent atmosphere won't continue.