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Thread: Observations about voter turnout

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    Default Observations about voter turnout

    A post on the Town Crier discussion board (4/16, 19:39) asserted that voters stayed away from the polls on 4/8 out of disgust. Without commenting on whether that disgust was merited, I'll argue that if anything, voters *came* to the polls out of this alleged disgust.

    I don't have the data for every year since 1982 (when Proposition 2 1/2 was enacted), but I have it for all but one override year (2005) and for a number of other years. Voter turnout this past election was 50.8%, likely the 5th highest town election turnout in that ~25 year span.

    1. 2006: 5,455 votes cast, 55.9%
    2. 2005: 4,722 votes cast, est. 54%
    3. 1990: 4,103 votes cast, 52.5%
    4. 1994: 3,905 votes cast, 52.1%
    5. 2008: 4,446 votes cast, 50.8%

    In 11 overrides, the average turnout has been 45.2% compared with 19.6% in the non-override years for which I have data (1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2004, and 2007).

    It's not clear whether the "disgust" in the Town Crier post was referring to Wayland in general or the 2 1/2 school reconfiguration decision, but the latter wouldn't be a counter-intuitive assumption. If that's the case, however, dissatisfaction in the Loker community did *not* translate into increased turnout relative to the other precincts. Moreover, Loker's dissatisfaction also did *not* translate into override negativity.

    Precinct 3 (SE Wayland) was the only precinct whose yes vote percentage in 2008 topped its average yes vote percentage averaged over all overrides.

    • Precinct 1: 58.1% yes in 2008, 63.1% yes overall
    • Precinct 2: 47.3% yes in 2008, 49.1% yes overall
    • Precinct 3: 57.7% yes in 2008, 57.0% yes overall
    • Precinct 4: 55.3% yes in 2008, 57.9% yes overall
    • TOTAL: 55.3% yes in 2008, 57.9% yes overall

    Any Loker dissatisfaction apparently manifested itself in the vote for Jeff Baron for School Committee. With 30% of the votes cast (20% for Barb Fletcher, 18% for Louis Jurist, and 12% for Steve Glovsky), Mr. Baron led the way in Precinct 3, the only precinct in which he didn't finish 3rd (Precincts 1 and 4) or 4th (Precinct 2).

    This last observation in no way takes away from Mr. Baron's impressive write-in campaign, which according to the Town Clerk was by far the most effective in at last recent Wayland memory. Without casting judgment on the content of his campaign, earning 1,365 votes (behind Ms. Fletcher at 2,241 and Dr. Jurist at 1,967) is clear evidence of excellent organization in a relatively short period of time.

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    Default Thanks for Noticing

    Just saw this post, and I wanted to note my thanks to Jeff for noticing how hard we worked on the campaign. Reasonable people may disagree on the issues, but as I've noted in public forums before, the same reasonable people can agree that those who worked on my campaign with such passion and energy did a great job garnering lots of public support in such a short period.


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