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Thread: A dubious "Top 10" list

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    Given that I've responded to a post as recently as 4/17, and started a thread as recently as 4/18, I can't quite fathom how one might conclude that I've "stopped participating in these discussions."

    That said, I couldn't ignore George Harris' great post (4/17, 19:22) on the Town Crier discussion board: "Why are we indoors blogging during such glorious weather? I'm going outside."

    So, as to my whereabouts, I went outside.

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    How you have "stopped participating in these discussions" is that after replying at that other site to questions by simply posting a link to here and asking people to pick up the discussion on this site, you have let these particular threads die and gone on to start other threads.

    While it may not seem relevant at this point because it's a done deal, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would benefit from better understanding the thought process that went into your decisions.

    So, I would still appreciate an answer to my question above:
    So, you've seen the photos. Tell me, how do you explain concluding that Loker does not appear to have a substantially better layout and arrangement to more safely handle 100 extra kids?

    Please feel free to refresh your memory using the satellite imagery on the link provided.

    John Flaherty

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