Wayland’s Core Values

We have identified five factors that we believe have a strong consensus of support in Wayland:
  1. Avoid significant cuts in the level of town and school services.
  2. Actively and creatively seek to diversify funding sources, whether by fees, sale of town land, reasonable commercial property tax base expansion, private funds or other means.
  3. Actively support the Town Finance Committee’s 2008-2010 financial plan.
  4. Support carefully planned and measured increases in affordable housing that will support economic diversity while maintaining Wayland’s architectural character.
  5. Allow the voters to decide when major infrastructure improvements (the high school, town library, etc.) are appropriate.

We believe that in order for progress to be achieved on these consensus items, broad and creative fiscally prudent thinking, consistency and profound leadership will be required. We support candidates that we believe are consistent with these traits. When we endorse candidates, we merely explain why we support them and we do not criticize their opponents.

We sent each of the Board of Selectman candidates a Q&A containing a dozen questions, in order to allow them to speak directly to the public on a broad range of issues that seem to be on the public’s collective mind. We did this in recognition of the time and logistical limitations of Moderator Gossels’ call-in show, and the League of Women Voters’ Candidates Night, in vetting candidates’ views comprehensively. We hope that the public finds the Q&A helpful in getting to know the candidates, and we welcome your feedback.

We endorse Steve Correia and Joe Nolan for Board of Selectmen.

In the Board of Selectmen race, four candidates are running for two open seats. Joe Nolan and Alan Reiss are the incumbents; Steve Correia and Mark Santangelo are the challengers. All four candidates appeared on Moderator Gossels’ call-in show, and at Candidates Night; and Correia, Nolan and Reiss participated in our Q&A which you can view by clicking here. This year, the Wayland Student Press Network (WSPN) at Wayland High School got involved and sought interviews from the four Selectmen candidates.

Correia and Nolan agreed to give video interviews to WSPN, which you can view by clicking on their names. We enjoyed watching these; the kids doing the interviews are terrific, and the candidates responses thoughtful, articulate and sincere. They made us beam with pride in Wayland.

Steven Correia is a twelve year resident of Wayland currently serving on the Town Finance Committee. He supports the override, the DPW proposal, the Town Center project, and the high school project. In addition to his FinCom position, he volunteers for the Cub Scouts and volunteers for Wayland to Waveland. He has enjoyed a 30-year business career in various Fortune 500 companies, and holds a Bachelor’s from Suffolk and an MBA from University of Southern New Hampshire. Steve participated in the Candidate Q&A, was interviewed by WSPN, and participated in Moderator Gossels’ call-in show and Candidates Night (click here for rebroadcast times).

Joseph Nolan is an incumbent finishing his first term on the Board of Selectman, which he previously chaired. He favors the override, the debt exclusion, the DPW, the Town Center project, and the High School project. He grew up in Wayland, graduated from Wayland High, previously served on the Board of Road Commissioners, and is active in youth sports and scouting. Joe works for the MBTA, and holds a bachelor’s from Boston College and an engineering certificate from Northeastern. Joe participated in the Candidate Q&A, was interviewed by WSPN, and participated in Moderator Gossels’ call-in show and Candidates Night (click here for rebroadcast times).