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Thread: Help Shut Up Steve Glovsky!!!

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    Exclamation Help Shut Up Steve Glovsky!!!

    Help Shut Up Steve Glovsky once and for all! Please encourage the newspaper to follow through on this request.

    Steve Glovsky

    "To the Editor - The Wayland Town Crier:

    I was shocked by your directness in approving Wayland's override after unequivocally stating that our average property tax bill is "way out of line". However, it was your basis of assumption that Wayland's "peer communities" are Weston, Sudbury, Dover and Sherborn that prompted this letter. It would be a great service to me, and I believe our community in general, if the Town Crier would undertake to document that relationship. If in fact Wayland is one of their "peer communities", your argument stands, and those who can't afford "digging a little deeper into the wallet" as you say should move to a community in which they are more economically comfortable. It's a fact of life that we all can't afford country club dues and at some point, I guess, need to accept it. I'm asking you to prove your assumption, applying a reasonably broad number of standards and with journalistic impartiality, as I for one am skeptical.

    Steven M. Glovsky"

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    There are any number of possible lists of peer towns. The School Committee's list of 15 includes the following:
    • Acton
    • Belmont
    • Boxborough
    • Brookline
    • Carlisle
    • Concord
    • Dover
    • Lexington
    • Lincoln
    • Needham
    • Sherborn
    • Sudbury
    • Wayland
    • Wellesley
    • Weston

    The Committee selected those towns because they are similar to Wayland in many of the following ways (town measures are for 15 towns unless noted by *, in which case data for Brookline was unavailable; school measures are for 11 "districts" where a composite district is constructed, for example, for Acton K-8, Boxborough K-8, and Acton-Boxborough 9-12):
    • Educational success
    • Geographic location
    • Population (FY06: 32% to 428% of Wayland)
    • Average household value (FY06: 76% to 187% of Wayland*)
    • Average tax bill (FY06: 68% to 148% of Wayland*)
    • Per capita income (77% to 151% of Wayland)
    • School enrollment (77% to 222% of Wayland)
    • Per pupil expenditure (83% to 130% of Wayland)
    • Student:educator ratio (81% to 125% of Wayland)
    • Average teacher salary (86% to 105% of Wayland)

    It's certainly a fair argument that Brookline is too much of an outlier, and that a town such as Hopkinton, Winchester, or both might be added instead.


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