A 4/1 Town Crier article includes a curious claim: "No detailed information was provided, at least not publicly, that supports the decision to redistrict."

PUBLIC DISCUSSION: The School Committee discussed the issue over the course of twelve public meetings spanning more than three months. Four of those meetings included either a public forum or extended public comment, and the remaining eight offered an opportunity for public comment at both the beginning and end of the meeting.

DETAILED INFORMATION: The Committee collected, discussed, considered, and publicized detailed education, financial, enrollment, and other information throughout those twelve meetings:
- Enrollment report: October 2007
- School reconfiguration options: November 2007
- A 2 1/2 school model: January 2008
- Happy Hollow/Loker Comparison: created January 2008, most recent update March 2008
- School budget book: March 2008

Residents may disagree with the conclusion reached by the Committee, but the notion that this conclusion was reached without public consideration of detailed information is wholly without merit.