I write to urge my fellow Waylanders to support the candidacy of Steve Correia, who seeks election to a position on the Board of Selectmen. Steve is a person of exceptional intelligence and integrity who, following a successful business career in the private sector, has served our community selflessly and with distinction in ways too many to recite in a single letter. Whether leading Wayland's esteemed cub scout program, volunteering his time to help re-build homes in Waveland, growing a non-profit to inculcate charitable giving by local youth, or serving as an appointed member of Wayland's Finance Committee, Steve has set a standard for service and contribution to which few in town could aspire.

More than his impressive professional credentials (an MBA and former Vice President of Hyperion Corporation) and resume of experience, however, Steve would bring to elected public service the unimpeachable character and thoughtfulness that those fortunate to know him well so admire. Steve is an uncommonly good listener, always open to new ideas and never convinced he has all the answers. Steve enjoys a good debate, but is never quarrelsome or argumentative for its own sake. I have always found Steve to be at once energetic without being impatient, decisive but not high-handed. Steve is the best kind of advocate -- passionate about the things he believes in, yet never driven to insist upon "making his point" or "getting his way" when decisions have to be made and courses of action adopted. Steve will, instead, turn competing objectives and considerations around in his mind thoroughly, following where fairness and logic lead rather than acting to serve some pre-set agenda of his own.

In short, Steve would make a superb addition to Wayland's Board of Selectmen. Smart, experienced, values-driven, and hard-working; and, best of all, Steve wants only to give of his time and considerable talent for the benefit of Wayland. The town would be extremely fortunate to elect him.