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    Hello all my Wayland friends,

    I am Frank Mackenzie Lamb who was a jr. high teacher for nine years starting 1972 before I was riffed and became a Wayland Police Officer for another 25 years before I retired and moved out here to western MA. Though you could take Frank out of Wayland, you can't take Wayland out of Frank. The reason I am bringing this up is that Eric Blom was a student of mine way back and when I rented a room on Rich Valley Road; I got to know all the neighbor kids, including Eric. One year I helped organize and participate as a judge and game coordinator for the "Rich Valley Road Olympics" for kids on his front lawn. I wonder how many people remembered that

    I didn't not know of his passing since I just joined this group a friend in Wayland pointed me and I saw the post that he had passed away to and the wake date had passed.

    However, since I think the Blom's have moved, could someone supply me with the parents names and address so I may send them a card? I also have a photograph of us all on his front lawn that year way back then and they might like to have it. I was shocked when I read the thread of his first student who had passed away.

    My e-mail address out here is All are welcome to contact me for any reason.

    Best wishes to all of you who were the greatest people I ever had the pleasure to serve in the 34 years I worked as a Wayland employee and, as such, made many friends.
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    Default Rich Valley Road Olympics


    Welcome to the Forum! I'm so glad you wrote. I sent you contact information re:Eric Blom off-line.

    Do I ever remember the Rich Valley Road Olympics! I can't believe there were so many kids in the neighborhood (Rich Valley, Sylvan Way, Lundy Lane, Hayward and White Road) that we could have events with separate races for many age divisions. Remember the medal stand and the gold, silver and bronze medals? It was a fabulous event in an amazing neighborhood. It's still a great neighborhood today.



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