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    John, I assume you mean the Waylandvotes...

    I assume you mean the Waylandvotes website. It is at

    There you can check out some links to info about how they do ballot voting in New Hampshire and Vermont that...
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    John, thanks for your thoughts. Glad you agree...

    John, thanks for your thoughts. Glad you agree on some things.

    However, there is nothing more important than every voter in town having a right and an opprotunity to vote on the Town Meeting...
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    Wayland Town Meeting Disappoints Big

    Shame on you Wayland!! You should have shown up and voted yes for the voting rights of all Wayland citizens above all other interests! To do anything less was un-democratic and un-American!!

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    Modernizing TM

    Thanks for your positive response.
    Yes I agree that handling multiple versions of an artical on a ballot would be confusing or tricky. Somehow it would be nice if people who couldn't attend...
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    Modernizing Town Meeting

    I sat through most of both sessions of STM last week and watched what I couldn't attend personally on Waycam afterward. I think the time has come to really make some efforts in this state to...
  6. Thanks for your explanation

    Ms. Koffman,

    Thanks for directly responding to my questions. Though I have not kept up with all the planning board meetings and the actual bylaw wording, your explanation was clear and I think I...
  7. Thanks for your replies, sounds more promising

    Thanks Kim and PGreene. Your responses make this sound much more promising. I assume town officials agree with your (& developer's) interpretations of the state of the pollution resolution and the...
  8. Will Site Pollution Delay Town Ctr. Commercial Development?

    Can anyone clarify?
    Something that one of the candidates for Planning Board, Susan Koffman, said at the Candidates Night a couple of weeks ago has been bothering me since last weekend when we...
  9. If it wasn't so painful it would be funny--Maybe it is!

    I apologize for the length of this. Once I got started it was hard to stop!

    I guess I was feeling a little overly pleased about the override passing last night, and I decided to look to see what...
  10. Poll: Library Intersection Needs a Light!!

    I agree that that area around the intersection of Rt.20 and 126/27 is the worst because there are so many possible ways of having an accident there! Particularly I think it is the worst north of Rt....
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