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    Private Schools

    I am familiar with public schools and private schools. I like them both. Are private schools "better" than public schools? Well, there are many different types of private schools. Some are for...
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    the 14th ammendment

    I would imagine the 14th ammendment should protect same-sex marriage.
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    Marriage for all (who want it)

    My sister Alexandra D'Amario and her wife Margot McShane were married in San Francisco in 2004. Google them, they were on the cover of NY Daily News. They are now the proud parents of three...
  4. A bakery would be great! It would be nice to...

    A bakery would be great! It would be nice to have a b-day cake place. There was a great one near Sudbury Farms.
  5. I'm thinking a Deli would be great.

    I'm thinking a Deli would be great.
  6. I hear you loud and clear

    And I couldn't agree more. I enjoy hearing different opinions. Sometimes they strenghten my opinions sometimes they change them. Nobody is ever ALL right or ALL wrong. Black and white thinking is...
  7. Poll: Jeff - why is it ok for the poor to pay same...

    Jeff - why is it ok for the poor to pay same state tax as the rich? The poor who want a TV or a car pay the same tax regardless of income.

    Why is the tax bill higher than 30-40 years ago?

  8. Poll: flat tax is fair

    Flat taxes are just plain fair. If we got rid of the tax code so that the richest people don't try to wiggle out of their 40% tax rate, we could have flat tax of 15-20 percent for everybody. ...
  9. Poll: a truck is a truck is a truck

    I suppose what we drive says something about us - but frankly I drive a car to get around town. I have no opinion whether one drives an old truck, a honda civic, a prius or a spiffy 300 horse-power...
  10. Private School Fees

    The private schools in this area charge a lot more than $900 a year. I found the tuiton for a cross-section for 2009-10.

    Rivers School 9-12 (Weston): $33,750
    Fenn School 4-9 (Concord):...
  11. CORI checks

    It is doubtful that a full-time employee needs to be in charge of coordinating CORI checks. I filled one out in less than three minutes last October at WMS for substitute teaching. I sent it into...
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    Thank you Alan & Jeff for babysitting suggestions

    I appreciate the kind suggestions for babysitting solutions.

    I think of TM as representational democracy. It is meant to be attended by a cross-section of Wayland. It feels more collaborative...
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    What would happen?

    I know it's democracy and all that but it is grueling. I paid $82.00 for babysitting for the two nights and I still had leave at 9:45 pm last night to relieve the sitter. I'm not complaining, but...
  14. I saw this person

    I saw this "jogger" running from mailbox to mailbox on Sunday morning in the near Loker while riding my bike. I did not recognize her.
  15. Great Idea!

    Don - that's a great idea!
  16. Fear Can Be A Great Motivator

    Fear can be a great motivator in school but helping students develop intellectual curiosity is more effective. The MCAS was not developed to further intellectual curiosity - although it could be a...
  17. Macro and Micro Educational Vision

    Don - you are speaking my language which is to say thinking about education in larger sense. Jeff and Alan - I can tell you see the issue in a more specialized and specific way, using numbers and...
  18. Are Our Children Better Educated Because of MCAS Testing?

    I wonder if the School Committee and Superintendent think that MCAS creates smarter (or "better") students. The number students in the Advanced level could also be a reflection of good test takers...
  19. Lots and lots of words

    The partnership for 21st century skills is good bed-time reading!

    If we think about it, it's all happening in Wayland. There is "global awareness", "financial, civic and health literacy", ICT...
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    personal public and private insurance comparison

    In 2003 I had the once in a life-time experience of two family members hospitalized at the same time for life-threatening conditions. My mother was covered by Medicare and my son was covered by...
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    #4 - assuming that those with no coverage have no choice

    Of those who do not have health care there is a portion who choose not to buy it. I grew up without health insurance.

    Should the government "force" people to have health insurance?

    Why should...
  22. Which comes first? Parents or teachers?

    So, which is more important for a student? The level of involvement of their parents in their education or a remarkable teacher? To close the gap, perhaps towns need to educate parents in assisting...
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    What "family values" means

    I think that the ridiculous phrase "family values" is code-speak for conservatives. What they intend to mean is anti-gay families. A family can be two people living together with or without...
  24. A school system is as great as its medicore students

    I know the Wayland Public Schools generally do a good job. I think that most of the kids who go to the Ivies and other great colleges probably would have done well at many other schools, public and...
  25. It's ok to criticize

    It's ok to criticize for sure. Remember "Obama is a Muslim" and "Obama is best friends with a Black Panther?" These were the death-throes of some pro-McCain supporters doing anything to hurt...
  26. I too feel those postcards are inflamatory & untrue

    It is high time that people stop blaming those who volunteer on town boards for their personal dissatisfaction. We should be thanking the School Committee for their service.

    It is shameful to...
  27. Isn't that part of communism?

    I think political groups in town are not seeking to be the only such groups; that is irrational and not normal in a democracy. Those seeking to start new groups should be invigorated by the...
  28. Architectural Preservation District

    By Passing Articles 28 (4/13) and 6 (4/15) at the 2009 Wayland Annual Town Meeting, I believe Cochituate could be protected from "Wal-Marts" and other construction that could change (ruin) the flavor...
  29. Ahh...a breath of fresh spring air

    So nice to hear some more down-to-earth news than from "the sky is falling" woman on the Town Crier boards.
  30. Where do you draw the line?

    Interesting...radical and where do you draw the line? What are the "boundaries" of Cochictuate?
  31. User id is good

    I am quiet sometimes because I'm busy. I never will post on the Town Crier boards because so few people use their real names. Even if some of the points could have merit there it sounds like "the...
  32. Smaller classes are good

    Smaller classes are usually a benefit for the student and the teacher. Most people would agree that that is true. I believe the principals cannot do their job properly if they cannot fire teachers...
  33. Are smaller classes the answer?

    I'd rather my children have super-fab teachers in a class of 30 than an average teacher in a class of 20. Smaller classes would mean more teachers that can't be fired. Wayland needs to give the...
  34. MCAS - backdoor to teachers' performance

    The MCAS may well be a good thing for the children, but it could be used as a way to measure teachers' performance without involving unions. Perhaps we should test teachers' knowledge periodically...
  35. Thinking out of the box

    I have no idea of to take quotations out what others write - so I'll try to remember as best I can.

    This is in response to Jeff 's most recent response remarking that he sees the limitations of...
  36. teaching certificates

    Some of the all-time crappiest teachers are state certified. Some of the all-time crappiest teachers are not too. In a private school the teachers can actually be "let go". I have a feeling the...
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    private trash pick-up

    Our family uses a private company to remove our trash. I imagine that the prices at the landfill would go up as more residents use private companies.
  38. Words of Wisdom

    I'm not sure anything I say is full of wisdom; but I do have an opinion on the subject. I will vote to decriminalize marijuana - up to 1 ounce. I think the fear is that changing the law as is now...
  39. Three private schools

    I happen to have handy the information on three private schools here: Dedham Country Day is $18,775 for full-day kindergarten; Charles River School (in Dover) is $19,800 for full-day kindergarten;...
  40. Should we? Or shouldn't we?

    I think Wayland needs to get moving on this. Who starts the ball rolling on this? It needs to have a 1-2 year plan and it's time I think to start making it a reality. I know that towns around here...
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    Sounds groovy

    Sound great to me. Why don't we do it now? It's pretty easy to demarcate the "products" that are harmless or good for kids v. the bad. Landscaping is pretty harmless (no pun intended).
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    I would like to find out more about this. Maybe I'll ask the union itself! I have a feeling that the teachers are required to pay union dues whether or not they choose to be a member.
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    My observations, for what they're worth

    Obviously transportation still has bugs - with luck and a prayer things will smooth out next week.

    We walk to Happy Hollow have vowed to not to drive since we live so close .(I can hear the kids...
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    Union membership is required for MA public school teachers

    I believe that MA teachers' union is "closed shop", meaning teachers are required to join the union. Some states like Texas are "open shop", meaning teachers can chose to be represented by the state...
  45. I'm on the fence

    I am not fond of knowing that a portion of our MA state taxes goes to "needy" cities. On one hand, I know that the poor who live in Holyoke, Lawrence, Boston, etc. need good education and social...
  46. Inspirational teacher

    What to do about mediocore or poor teachers who once have tenure (I'm not sure how long it takes - I think 2-3 years) cannot be fired for lacking performance without a lot of rigmorole. Also I know...
  47. Ditto

    Same here.
  48. School performance - why or why not is Wayland doing a good job

    I believe that the Wayland schools do a very good job educating our children. This is in large part because the majority of these children's parents are well-educated and motivated to help the...
  49. What is OPCF?

    Office _____ Campaign Finance?
  50. Poll: Interesting thread. I believe that a good way to...

    Interesting thread. I believe that a good way to lower my taxes is to live in a (relatively) smaller house. I am a proponent of the flat-tax effect of real estate taxes. We chose to live below our...
  51. Full-day Kindergarten in Wayland - When & How?

    I am very interested in the full-day kindergarten issue in Massachusetts. I have heard both sides and would like to flesh out my knowledge of the issue. A friend of mine who is the literacy...
  52. A Starbucks or Peets would be devine!

    A Starbucks or Peets would be devine!
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