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  1. Warren Group conversation

    I talked to a person from Warren Group on Friday. It was the same person Allen talked to.

    In Summary:

    1. The Warren Group is a data collection company, not a data analysis company- that is...
  2. Lawrie, Since I was analyzing Ben's MLS data...


    Since I was analyzing Ben's MLS data rather than the Warren Group data my "quick and dirty" estimate was that most real estate values dropped approximately 16% (Ben's change in median)...
  3. What the recent real estate reports do appear to say

    I have analyzed/compared the full Warren Group statistics for 2007/2008 and Ben's raw data from MLS using a new method derived from the Warren Group analyst's feedback in one of Alan's posts.

  4. Denial


    My apologies for implying that you hadn't seen the article, it appeared to me you were understating the perception issue. Thanks for clarifying.

    Despite a personal bias toward action, I...
  5. Perceptions


    I highly suggest you get a copy of the article.

    The context is Boston Magazine's annual "Best Places to Live" issue.

    The map you refer to is the second full page of a two page spread...
  6. 10yr Warren Group Data Analysis

    Here is a spreadsheet that makes it easier/safer to interpret the Warren Group Data. I included the 2009 "year to date" data as a pick me up - but be careful with it, it is only an early indicator...
  7. 20yr warren group data


    Here is the full 20yr Warren Group Data for a few towns. I extracted it from their subscription service.

    Any use of it requires that one acknowledge the source. Reasoning from this...
  8. Cost Efficiency

    For those interested in data comparing Wayland to other schools in terms of efficiency, the Sept 2008 Boston Magazine has an article that ranks Wayland as 12th out of about 150. For some reason I am...
  9. Warren Group

    We need to be careful here on a couple of points:

    1. Sample size for houses is pretty good (130), but there were only 20 condos sold - based on Warren Group data.

    2. Warren group publishes 10...
  10. Dinosaur Tails


    Here is a better explanation of my approach along with my thoughts:


    Statistics have a reputation for lying, so the prudent thing to do is subject them to a "lie detector test"...
  11. Assessed vs. market pricing


    Thanks for taking the time to add to the public pool of data - we just need to sort it all out so we can make the best possible inferences. We have some important town policy decisions...
  12. Clarifications


    I did not mean to imply that there was no "apples and oranges" problem. A better statement would be that the "apples and oranges" problem doesn't appear to be any greater than what one would...
  13. Observations on statistics - part 1

    The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine and Metro West Daily News have all published statistics on median home prices from the Warren Group. Here are some observations:

    1.All statistics have a margin...
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