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    We received the following from the Board of...

    We received the following from the Board of Selectmen:

    Handling Free Cash in a Fiscally Responsible Way

    At Wayland’s Annual Town Meeting last spring, residents overwhelming supported the...
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    We received this article from the Finance...

    We received this article from the Finance Committee:

    Managing Wayland’s Finances
    By Wayland Finance Committee

    Much has been written about the questions residents have raised about our free...
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    Comments received from Lead Petitioner Tony...

    Comments received from Lead Petitioner Tony Boschetto:

    There has certainly been a lot of attention on Special Town Meeting, Free Cash, Reserves, and most importantly tax rates.

    What does it...
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    Special Town Meeting: Budget Article

    There are competing budget articles submitted for the upcoming Special Town Meeting, one by petitioners, the other by the Board of Selectmen. The text of the articles is available at this link, and...
  5. Commentary on the School Committee Race

    Wayland is fortunate to have two extraordinary volunteers running for School Committee. Beth Butler is an accomplished attorney and mediator, a retired judge who is highly respected in the legal...
  6. WaylandeNews Endorsements for Debt Exclusions (Questions 1 and 2)

    We ask for your support in voting for the passage of both debt exclusions, which will be placed on the back of the Election Day ballot as Questions 1 and 2. These debt items will replace debt that...
  7. WaylandeNews Endorsements for Board of Selectmen

    [Full disclosure: one of this year’s three Selectman candidates, Sue Pope, is a former member of our Editorial Board. Sue resigned from our board in October 2007 when she was appointed to fill a...
  8. WaylandeNews Endorsements for School Committee

    This year we feel fortunate to have at least three viable candidates to choose from (of the total of five who are running) in filling the two vacancies on School Committee.

    The strongest...
  9. WaylandeNews Editorial: Vote YES on Override and Debt Exclusion

    Support the Override

    After a quarter-century of Proposition 2½, we are faced with the decision of whether to support another override. Town officials have worked diligently to reduce costs and...
  10. WaylandeNews Endorsements for Board of Selectmen

    Wayland’s Core Values

    We have identified five factors that we believe have a strong consensus of support in Wayland:

    Avoid significant cuts in the level of town and school services.
  11. WaylandeNews Commentary on School Committee Race

    In the School Committee race, four candidates are running for two open seats. Barb Fletcher and Lou Jurist are the incumbents, completing their first three-year terms. Write-in candidate Jeff Baron...
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    Ballot and Election Endorsements

    WaylandeNews Ballot and Election Endorsements

    Debt Exclusion

    On the Election Day ballot, there will be an item asking voters to approve funding certain items through the issuance of debt. The...
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