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    Would You Hire These Lawyers Again?

    Thank you for posting Mr. Tichnor's exact words: "our expectation is that we will basically settle or in litigation as we go to trial we will collect far in excess of our legal costs and it will be...
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    More To The Story Than We're Obviously Being Told

    Nothing Mr. Tukington says suggests that my opinion was in any way inaccurate except his clarification, to my relief, that Wayland is not liable for the opposing side's legal fees just their costs. ...
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    Question our legal representation

    At the last Town Meeting, I specifically challenged the additional legal fees asked to be approved for the Public Safety Building litigation. Retiring Selectman Michael Tichnor, an attorney,...
  4. [grin back] And now let the "elite" (that's both...

    [grin back] And now let the "elite" (that's both of us) take a rest.
  5. Leave it to an MIT grad to rely on numbers rather...

    Leave it to an MIT grad to rely on numbers rather than what he sees before him!
  6. Blinded To Reality

    Ask a real estate broker about the impact of Wayland's real estate taxes on the marketability of Wayland properties. Read the next newspaper article in the paper reporting on Wayland properties'...
  7. Hiding From Reality As Usual

    It has been widely reported in the press that Wayland will be rising to the rank of highest tax paying community this year as our tax bills begin to reflect the cost of the new High School. Search...
  8. Selectmen's Forum On How We Define Ourselves

    I gather from your notice regarding Wednesday night's gathering that the Selectmen are trying to identify how to define the essence of Wayland. As Wayland is assuming the status of the community...
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    Help Shut Up Steve Glovsky!!!

    Help Shut Up Steve Glovsky once and for all! Please encourage the newspaper to follow through on this request.

    Steve Glovsky

    "To the...
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