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  1. judi marks I think we have to be accountable for what we say. I have no problem with

    If I have something to say I will be accountable for anything I put in writing. I have no problem and actually encourage the current system.
  2. tragedy at L.S.

    I was a school counselor for many years in Weston. I know that this kind of tragedy can cause us to be so fearful that in our effort to understand we sometimes place blame. I want us to be careful....
  3. Replies

    One dollar a day seems well worth it!

    I am with you. I can afford a dollar a day to provide the schools with a bit of what they need. Ask your favorite realtor what the first question is about any town when young people look for homes to...
  4. sex offenders

    This is a very scary and emotional topic for most parents as well as others. Information is important and I am in favor of all legal means of obtaining it and all reasonable means of dispursing it,...
  5. Poll: The Bottom Line

    Thanks for correcting my misakes regarding the old/new sign, the Town vs. The State authority to enforce the signs and so forth. I still vote for the intersection I described, be it Millbrook and...
  6. Poll: my life in my hands

    Having shopped in the town center, I need to travel to North Wayland on 126 from route 20. I bear left at Moodz. Between the stop sign which only one lane reads and occasionally follows, and the...
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