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    Jeff....I think you have stated on a blog that...

    Jeff....I think you have stated on a blog that they run best at 85% capacity.
    Why has your thinking changed? Have you found some good literature that led you to that conclusion. If so, please post...
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    # of Classrooms

    I was using the numbers posted by Jeff.
    Are they different from what he posted?

    This calculation also assumes 25 students per class, which is high.
    So we would have to adjust for the class...
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    numbers and capacity

    The problem is that we don't even have the numbers by which to determine the capacity. That is why we are asking.
    In researching the topic of school capacity, I found some interesting...
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    capacity, classsroom size and class size too please

    I was at the meetings and heard him say on at least 3 occasions that buildings run best at 85% capacity.

    In fact, at the February 4 meeting, Dr. Burton stated in substance that "schools run best...
  5. numbers

    I understand that a number of families approached the school system and asked to be changed from one school to another and that many requests were granted.

    I also understand that many homes...
  6. Capacity

    I have heard Dr. Burton say more than once that schools run best at 85% capacity.
  7. That doesn't cut it

    Sorry Jeff, increased class sizes are not what I call maintaining the quality of our educational system. As I pointed out to you, those who understand education are proposing 15 students per class....
  8. We'll see

    Tracy, I won't even address your comments until Jeff D. gets back to us with the numbers I have asked for. Jeff, being a member of the SC, I certainly hope you have the information I have requested...
  9. $50 a household

    ...and for that we will have crowded schools, which the research clearly shows has a negative impact on students and teachers.

    The research shows-
    lower teacher moral
    higher teacher turnover...
  10. Class sizes

    If you don't consider the NEA, a reputable group, to be a worthwhile source, you might want to consider reviewing the lit. on this subject. As the body of research evolves, we are learning...
  11. Class sizes


    Clearly, economic times are difficult and will put a strain on all of us.
    That is precisely why we must be careful and purposeful when prioritizing and when making such important decisions...
  12. Class Sizes

    Kim R on another post mentioned concerns about class size.
    I understand your concerns about class size. I understand the 2nd and 4th grades will be pretty tight.

    To Jeff D. Could you please...
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