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    Message from Selectman Doug Leard

    The following message was sent out by Mary Ann DiNapoli with the subject line "Message from Selectman Doug Leard" for John Senchyshyn on behalf of Doug Leard to Town employees and board and committee...
  2. I am disgusted by your action last night regarding Fred Turkington

    The following was submitted by Lea Anderson (HSBC Chair and former School Committee member, but writing as an individual).

    It was sent to the members of the Board of Selectmen who voted to...
  3. 2013 Candidate Q&A - Board of Selectmen

    We have posted our Candidate Q&A on our website. For the purposes of enabling discussion about the Q&A responses, we are adding the response document here as well.
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    2013 Candidate Q&A: School Committee

    We have posted our School Committee Candidate Q&A on our website. For the purposes of enabling discussion about the Q&A responses, we are adding the response document here as well.
  5. Wayland’s New Public Works Facility: Now is the Time to Act

    The following was submitted by the Permanent Municipal Building Committee:

    Some very important issues will be decided at April’s Annual Town Meeting. An important article at next month’s town...
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    Wayland Historical Commission opposes reducing CPA rate

    We received the following from the Wayland Historical Commission:

    The Wayland Historical Commission is a strong supporter of the use of CPA funds which is...
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    We received this additional information from Jay...

    We received this additional information from Jay Sherry (we present it below with graphics embedded. They are small, but you can click on them to enlarge, and also the whole document as a PDF: 114...
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    We received the following reply to the...

    We received the following reply to the Petitioner's Q&A from the CPC:

    The lead petitioner of Article 6 has presented questions and provided answers that are claimed to be...
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    Should We Elect the Finance Committee?

    The following OpEd was submitted by The Board of Selectmen:

    Should We Elect the Finance Committee?

    A group of citizens has submitted a petition for this year’s Annual Town Meeting that would...
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    From Petitioner: Answers to Questions about Reducing CPA Taxes in Wayland

    We at WaylandeNews received the following Q&A on the Petitioner's CPA Warrant Article from Lead Petitioner Jay Sherry:


    I am proposing a roll back of...
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    Where are my CPA taxes going?

    ​The following was submitted by the Community Preservation Committee:

    Where are my CPA taxes going ?

    The CPA tax surcharge has been used to meet the objectives of the Community Preservation...
  12. Chris Brown announces candidacy for Board of Selectmen

    WaylandeNews received the following candidate statement from Chris Brown:


    My name is Chris Brown, and I am running for a seat on the Wayland Board of Selectmen. I am running because I...
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    Upgrade to Forum Software

    We have upgraded our forum software to its latest version to enable a number of security improvements and other usability enhancements.

    If the site appears oddly on your computer, the first thing...
  14. Letter from Peter Gossels about proposed amendment to Minuteman Agreement

    As Wayland’s representative on the Minuteman Regional Task Force, I would like to inform your readers that the Minuteman Administration and the towns that send the most student to Minuteman (like...
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    WayCAM urges YES vote on STM Article 5

    We received the attached document outlining the reasons that WayCAM supports Article 5 at Town Meeting starting tomorrow night, Tuesday, November 16.

    WayCAM put together this video that tells...
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    We received this response from Town Administrator...

    We received this response from Town Administrator Fred Turkington to the above post:
    As you know, I am reluctant to respond to citizen opinions posted on the Wayland E-News discussion board, but...
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    Top Post: Forum Rules

    For those who are to the forum, and especially those who have been here so long that they might not have seen the rules in a while, I would like to point all users to the FAQ that is accessible via...
  18. Press Release: Recreation Center Foundation Announces Next Steps

    Press Release submitted by Steve Goldstein, Route 30 Recreation Center Foundation, Inc.:

    With the completion of its work to establish the viability of a Recreation Center in Wayland, the ...
  19. Sorry to play Mom here, but let's keep the personal stuff off the forum

    I don't want to stifle useful debate (which most of this is), but let's please debate issues, not personalities. Thanks.

    Kim Reichelt
    as Adminstrator
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    Trying not to intervene...

    Boys, boys, this is a place to debate issues, not personalities. Please keep all the personal stuff off this site. If any of the participants would like any of the above discussion edited, please...
  21. Reorganization...

    Hearing no objections, I tried dividing the posts into two categories (one about the Charlie Schlegel email, the other about domain names), but found the mix of posts were even more confusing than...
  22. Discussion regarding the Charlie Schlegel Email

    Posts up through July 15 in this thread were originally posted under

    Response to Jeff Baron's 6/26/ Letter to the Editor

    but reorganized by the Administrator to maintain discussion flow.
  23. Clarifying threads

    There seems to be some confusion regarding where to post.

    Perhaps what is needed is some post reorganization. There are two relevant threads - one on the Charlie Schlegel email, and the other on...
  24. Please remember to keep it friendly and civil...

    Many of the issues on this board are controversial, and for many people, the emotions surrounding them are running high.

    I'd like to ask that we all remember that everyone who posts on this board...
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    Categorizing the posts

    When we first started the Discussion Forum, we envisioned separate categories for different types of posts to make it more manageable to rummage through them. We used this text to describe the...
  26. What happened with the disappearing post?

    A post appeared on our Discussion Forum a couple of nights ago by a new user with a username that was not their real name ("7th Generation Townie"), and then disappeared. We got several queries...
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    Public contributions to the Calendar

    All members of the public are welcome to view events on our new Calendar

    Registered members of the Discussion Board can add events to the Calendar. If you would like to add events, and need any...
  28. Alan Reiss submits revised charts

    Alan Reiss has recreated his property appreciation charts with corrected data. His new charts are available via the PDF link shown below.
  29. Alan Reiss retracts Candidates Night statement re:real estate appreciation

    April 3rd, 2008

    To the residents of Wayland,

    During the League of Women Voters’ Candidates Night on April 2, 2008, I presented an analysis that indicated that Wayland’s growth of property...
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    Update on Reeves Hill Status

    Got this from Alan Reiss (answers are from Horizon Towers, who controls the Reeves Hill Cellular towers)

    1. Which carriers are now active on the Reeves Hill Tower and which are not...
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    Latest on new cell tower

    Construction is finished for Cingular, Sprint and T Mobile. T-Mobile's tower has been live since March 1. Cingular and Sprint may already be live, and if not, should be soon. The town appears...
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    Protecting our Discussion Board

    If you go to the forum home page, you can view a few items that aren't available within the Discussion Forum, such as the number of people online and the name of the newest member. From time to...
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    Welcoming new ideas...

    Do you have any ideas for how we might make better use of the Forum? We could have separate forums for things like a give-and-take, for recommendations for service providers (e.g., who has a really...
  34. Budget/Override/Town Center Questions for the Selectmen/School Committee Chairs

    At recent neighborhood gatherings, residents asked excellent questions about the school and municipal budgets, the operating and capital overrides, and the Town Center project. And for every...
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    Poll: Note: you must be (registered and) logged in in...

    Note: you must be (registered and) logged in in order to vote. If you see a message that you cannot vote in this poll, it means that you have either already voted or that you are not logged in.
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    What's Going On at the State Level

    Discussion about what's going on at the state level that may affect us here in Wayland
  37. Thread: Welcome!

    by Administrator


    Welcome to the Wayland eNews forum. This forum is open to everyone. Post about anything relevant to the Town of Wayland, Massachusetts. Please be respectful to other posters (and other residents and...
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