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  1. Endorsing David Gordon Cliff for Selectman

    Cliff Supported Including Debt Exclusion on the Ballot

    There are numerous reasons why I support David Gordon Cliff’s candidacy for Selectman. One important reason is that Mr. Cliff believes in...
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    I had the impression that he meant it "should"...

    I had the impression that he meant it "should" have been noted in the newsletter that already been sent (which obviously we couldn't accommodate), or perhaps on the website. It wasn't entirely clear...
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    In case it matters to you . . .

    I have been asked by a subscriber to disclose that I have endorsed Gordon Cliff for Selectman. I have made no secret of that, with a Cliff sign in front of my house (regrettably, as I loathe lawn...
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    This is not a response to Jeff Baron. I just...

    This is not a response to Jeff Baron. I just wanted to clarify a few things.

    1. In past years Waylandenews has sent newsletters out of cycle during Town Meeting season. Those newsletters listed...
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    John, I normally do not participate on this board...

    John, I normally do not participate on this board because I don't have the time to do so, so I will merely answer your question and check out.
    I knew absolutely nothing about this, heard no rumor,...
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    Alan, Sorry I couldn't respond earlier-late...

    Sorry I couldn't respond earlier-late night at work. As stated above by Kim, I have been very public about my support of Beth's candidacy, and why. My endorsement was not based on the...
  7. Co Curriculars

    As the parent of a recent CHS graduate, an eigth grader and a sophomore, I echo Mary Beth's sentiments on all points. Several years ago, I had a child (who was coming off a couple of difficult...
  8. Details of Transfers

    Could you please provide a more detailed explanation of the real estate transfers contemplated by this article? Would it require the Selectmen to undertake a competitive bidding process? Would the...
  9. WaylandeNews Editorial on Article 5: Public Improvements and Private Desires

    WaylandeNews Editorial on Article 5 of Special Town Meeting

    Public Improvements and Private Desires
    by the WaylandeNews Editorial Board

    In 2001, Wayland approved adoption of the Community...
  10. Please consider voting NO on State Ballot Question 1.

    I am enjoying the irony of sitting here at the computer with a glass of wine (Kim is my witness) asking you to consider voting NO on ballot Question 1 on Election Day. Question 1 would allow food...
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    "Thank you" thread.

    I would like to start a "thank you" thread. Too often the good work of our public officials and volunteers is overshadowed by negativity and criticism. Pick someone, anyone, and publicly thank...
  12. Is it time for Wayland to consider transitioning to Representative Town Meeting?

    Some residents have expressed frustration with the our current Open Town Meeting (OTM) form of government and feel that Wayland has outgrown it. Nearby towns such as Natick, Wellesley, Framingham...
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