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  1. Wayland slammed in April Issue Boston Magazine

    Thought I'd put this out there...this felt very beefed up from the author's point of view, and certainly wasn't my experience at all. I'm sure some of these elements exist, but haven't felt the mean...
  2. Take advantage of Wayland Safety Day 3/22 !

    Although Wayland Safety Day and Shelter Drill is on the news calendar, I wanted to let people know why they should go to the Middle School next Saturday 3/22 between 10-2. Wayland does a shelter...
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    Wayland School Start Time

    I served on the Wayland School Start time committee on 2004 , and I'm sure you can dig up our report somewhere. A later school start time for high school students is a no brainer, in terms of not...
  4. The bottom line, is that although people can...

    The bottom line, is that although people can write about "all the things they can't say" , the truth is all one has to do is view an unaltered segment of the video to see what transpired. Plain and...
  5. letter to selecmen regarding firing of town administrator

    Dear Selectman,

    I know that I am not alone in being outraged and appalled at the manner in which the town administrator was fired without cause. It is beyond belief, that this type action could...
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    no on #3- slippery slope

    When we hear the argument about why dog racing should be ended in MA it is very hard not to immediately agree, after all what sort of person would support an industry where dogs have been injured or...
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