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    Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB)

    hello neighbors - a couple of years ago I spoke with the Police Officer in Wayland that was the person 'in the know' about:

    1) National Sex Offender Registry
    2) Number of Level 2 and 3...
  2. propose proposal(s) for many types of laypersons

    I'll give you that the written word and spoken word come across differently - one offers body language - the other a series of circles with frowns, smiles, angst, etc. - which is mildly...
  3. Everyones viewpoint is valid... let's be considerate.

    Rosenblatt - I believe this attitude of 'one or the other' is forgetting about the vital importance of quality of life issues. This attitude of presuming one hard and fast reponse to everyone's...
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    welcome new members - new topics

    hi all -

    I've noticed new members who haven't posted a new thread yet... and many guests. I bet there is something cooking in the minds of many. It doesn't have to be a complaint, or earth...
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    yes - the squeaky wheel gig... or little happens

    To The Old Wayland:

    See, this is where I start getting a bit crazed... ok, you called Chief Irving... even if you hear today or Monday... over the weekend maybe e-mail him either thanking him - or...
  6. Poll: Cochituate side of town

    because I drive predominantly on this side of town up to Old Connecticut Path 85% of the time - I can only participate fairly in the intersection from 27/126 with some confidence. By us, there is...
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    Police attention before the fact

    Hello all,

    "to the old wayland" - I suspect my former side of town in suburban NY in those days was obviously less of a lot of things - as was Wayland back then. All of life was not run by...
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    get their license plate #

    Once, after I moved to town in 1997, their was a driver who cut me off to take a left off of rt. 27 S onto East Plain Rd... I was going straight on 27 N. The lights, and delays have changed I...
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    driver's licenses from KMart????

    Although I wish I didn't feel so compelled to write about this, I find I must. Hmmm, in the near 4 decades I have had my driver's license, I have noticed some once regularly observed 'right of way'...
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