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    Welcome to the New Moderator, Mr. Berry!

    Jeff, I concur wholeheartedly. Furthermore, I say, "Thank you, Mr. Gossels. Welcome, Mr. Berry!"

    Mr. Berry,
    Here are my thoughts on last night, and suggestions for going forward:

    1) I...
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    Should we recycle?

    I confess to lurking here on occasion, and evidently Wayland has it share of experts. So sitting in my hydro-carbon burning machine yesterday with 10 other cars waiting five minutes to enter a...
  3. Thanks, Kim. So, I should also mention that at...

    Thanks, Kim. So, I should also mention that at "the Big Grocer near the main Wayland Post Office" ;)the various school teams will be on hand to greet shoppers from 4-8pm. They'd like nothing more...
  4. Wayland Hockey Association - December 8 Fundraising

    Dec 8 -
    Thanks to all grocery shoppers who helped Wayland Hockey today!

    Thanks to everyone in Wayland for supporting the Wayland Hockey Association by shopping at that natural foods grocer in...
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