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What are the rules regarding posting?

Posting Guidelines

The WaylandeNews Forum is a place where all Wayland residents (and others interested in Wayland) can come and express their opinions and thoughts. Think of it as a virtual gathering place for you and your neighbors.

Please remember that this is a board comprised of your neighbors. Please be respectful, so everyone will feel welcome to participate, and have a place to discuss our town that we can all enjoy.

Posts which do not meet the standards below may be edited or removed, at the Administrator's discretion.

Please observe the following message board regulations. Your decision to post to the board signifies your acceptance of these regulations.

    1. Do not engage in personal attacks, defamation, libel or flaming.
    2. Be accurate. When in doubt about a fact, make every effort to verify it first.
    3. Do not post hearsay, rumor or innuendo.
    4. Do not use any foul language.
    5. Do not change the content of another user when quoting them.
    6. Do not post copyrighted material to the board. "Fair use" quotations are acceptable, as are links or pointers to material that is copyrighted by other sources.
    7. Do not post any advertisements to the board.
    8. Do not post any private or off-topic conversations to the board. These should be conducted via e-mail or in other appropriate forums.
    9. Post for honest discussion only. Do not post merely to generate anger and hostility in other posters. Such posts will be removed.
    10. Please post only one thread regarding a particular topic. Duplicate threads discussing the same or very similar topics will be either merged or deleted.
    11. All users to the General Forum must register under their real names. Users in the 55+ Forum must provide their name at registration. No user may misrepresent themselves as anybody else.

Please report problematic posts should be reported using the Report Post feature (click on the "warning triangle" with the "!" at the bottom of each post)

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