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  1. Welcome!
  2. What's Going On at the State Level
  3. Is it time for Wayland to consider transitioning to Representative Town Meeting?
  4. What's new from the School Committee?
  5. Problems with WVN #125 11/17 Email
  6. Park And Rec Will Not maintain Millpond This Year
  7. How about using the Raytheon property as a new High School?
  8. Wayland Veterans Memorial Snow removed By Residents Thank You
  9. driver's licenses from KMart????
  10. What do you think is Wayland's most dangerous intersection?
  11. welcome new members - new topics
  12. Socks for the homeless
  13. "Thank you" thread.
  14. Wayland Town Pool
  15. Town Center
  16. Cell tower- which carrier should I choose
  17. Behind The Scenes At The Town Building
  18. Presentation by Selectman Reiss on override options
  19. Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB)
  20. Town Center or 40B?
  21. People Running in Town Elections
  22. Preparedness and Biodefense
  23. Marci Crowley In Auto Accident
  24. Live From The Large Hearing Room
  25. Budget/Override/Town Center Questions for the Selectmen/School Committee Chairs
  26. Elementary School Reconfiguration
  27. What will the real cut list be?
  28. $1 a Day? I'll Gladly Pay!
  29. A note to my friend about lawn signs....
  30. Phone Calls with Wrong Info about Override
  31. Supporting Candidates for Election
  32. Article 17 Accept Law re: Transfer of Retirees to Meidicare Extension Plan
  33. Student's perspective of how the override will be good for the town
  34. Mr. Mesnick's GL. c. 40B Mistakes
  35. Open letter to RSVPwayland chair Ken Isaacson
  36. One half donut for thousands of cars
  37. Will Site Pollution Delay Town Ctr. Commercial Development?
  38. Thank You Everyone
  39. Thank You For Your Cooperation
  40. Wayland Voters Network needs to declare its biases
  41. Welcoming new ideas...
  42. Increasing state aid...
  43. New Cell Tower Status
  44. The Wayland Turf Field Project
  45. Latest WVN posting on the Town Center
  46. Update on the Turf Field
  47. Rail Trail future in jeopardy
  48. Thank You to the CPC
  49. The Saga Of The Landfill Goes On And On
  50. A great Loss To The Town
  51. Wayland Commons Tree Removal
  52. Let the Kids Play
  53. Weeds at Dudley Pond
  54. School blog is changing addresses
  55. Thanks To All Who Attended WayCams Open House And 21st Annerversy
  56. Why to vote for Tom Conroy for State Rep
  57. Please consider voting NO on State Ballot Question 1.
  58. WaylandeNews Editorial: Public Improvements and Private Desires
  59. Annual Wayland Rake Out
  60. The Town Center is Dead
  61. Signs on Water Row
  62. Stabbing death at Lincoln/Sudbury HS
  63. Protecting our Discussion Board
  64. This Is Wayland
  65. Ben Shapiro
  66. Building Trust in Wayland
  67. It Takes A Community For Playground To Survive
  68. Ballot and Election Endorsements
  69. T-Mobile application for more cell towers
  70. Need help for Relay for Life of Weston-Wayland
  71. Why we need Jim Ogonowski to represent Wayland in Congress
  72. What did you do for 4th of July?
  73. Take the Muzzle off the Associate Member
  74. An argument for non-citizen local voting rights
  75. Wild Turkey Production on Glezen Lane
  76. Town Center Traffic: No Easy Answers
  77. Vote for Niki Tsongas on Tuesday Sept. 4th
  78. Erik Blom
  79. Zoning Board Meeting on Tall Poles at Sandy Burr
  80. Support NIKE project at Town Meeting
  81. Eric Blom
  82. High School Traffic Lights
  83. What would you like to see go into Corner Stone's vacant space?
  84. 2009 School Budget Details
  85. Dudley Pond sonar treatment
  86. Selectman Alan J Reiss Memory of the Elementary School Closing Issue
  87. Endorsing Steve Correia
  88. Honesty and diverse opinion
  89. Moody's Take on Wayland: Top Bond Rating (Aaa)
  90. The wonderful things about Loker School
  91. Wayland Community Pool Town Meeting Article 19
  92. PETITION to encourage message board identification
  93. The timing of when to reconfigure the elementary schools
  94. Transportation: a rough cut
  95. Happy Hollow and Loker building size comparison
  96. The 2 1/2 school decision: public discussion of detailed information
  97. Alan Reiss retracts Candidates Night statement re:real estate appreciation
  98. Help Shut Up Steve Glovsky!!!
  99. Tax rates, tax bills, and ability to pay.
  100. School nurse budget cut - Board of Health
  101. Full-day Kindergarten in Wayland - When & How?
  102. WaylandeNews Commentary on School Committee Race
  103. WaylandeNews Endorsements for Board of Selectmen
  104. WaylandeNews Editorial: Vote YES on Override and Debt Exclusion
  105. Endorsing Candidates
  106. A dubious "Top 10" list
  107. Multiple factors drove 2 1/2 school decision
  108. Avoid redistricting that isolates students
  109. MGL Chapter 71, Section 68: tuition to send students to adjacent towns
  110. Questions about Town Meeting Rules
  111. A discussion board "buyer's guide"
  112. Town Meeting Motions compared to their Warrant Articles
  113. Local income tax as an alternative to real estate taxation?
  114. Curious indeed
  115. How do we come together when we see things so differently?
  116. Public contributions to the Calendar
  117. Observations about voter turnout
  118. The Turf Field At Wayland High School
  119. Wayland Clean Up
  120. MCAS scores and the Wayland Public Schools
  121. Elementary school building capacity
  122. Facts and Falsehoods: WVN #245
  123. Charter schools come with a price
  124. (Appropriately) valuing co-curricular activities
  125. Elementary school redistricting: starting from square one
  126. Declining elementary school enrollment
  127. Salaries
  128. Town Crier Message Board
  129. Should the School Committee be in the "override business?"
  130. True Enough
  131. Discussion Board FANTASY LEAGUE!
  132. Dramatic Water Rate Increase?
  133. The School Committee's class size policy
  134. What happened with the disappearing post?
  135. Categorizing the posts
  136. Obama v. McCain
  137. Ranking our schools
  138. Discussion regarding the Charlie Schlegel Email
  139. Is the website WaylandSchoolCommittee.org legal and appropriate?
  140. Loker article
  141. Cheap Gas
  142. Middlesex Superior Court rules in favor of School Committee (Superintendent Eval.)
  143. Is the use of waylandmass.us domain name misleading?
  144. Is it legal, ethical, appropriate for the site owner to post here?
  145. Please remember to keep it friendly and civil...
  146. ______@_____@___@_____ (tumbleweeds)
  147. Question about Rice Road
  148. Response to Dawn Davies Town Crier letter (7/24/2008)
  149. Thoughts on an evolution of the Wayland Public Schools
  150. Summer Reading Suggestions?
  151. What's going on at the landfil??
  152. Repeal state income tax? (Ballot Question #1)
  153. Rankings and oddities
  154. Unions and Public School Education
  155. Imagining the "Dawn Davies Charter School"
  156. Safety Concerns for the new schools
  157. Alan Reiss for President
  158. Dangers of Anonymous Identities
  159. Our School "Reconfiguration"
  160. Edits and forum management
  161. Advertising and the Schools
  162. School administration cost
  163. Class sizes: FY09 vs. FY08
  164. Reflections on Taking a Break
  165. Margaritaville
  166. Lets Discuss Massachusetts Ballot Question #2
  167. Let's Not Leave out Ballot Question #3
  168. Re-Elect State Representative Tom Conroy
  169. Fixing the financial crisis and solving world hunger
  170. Susan Pope Should be Ashamed
  171. Please respect our educators' time
  172. Beware Homeland Security’s Real-ID Mandate
  173. Wayland community input on educational priorities
  174. 'Wayland Coupons' could bring revenue
  175. High Cost of Landfill Stickers
  176. Save Cochituate Village
  177. Projected cost savings from elementary school reconfiguration
  178. What makes up the cost of HEALTH INSURANCE, and why is it increasing so rapidly?
  179. The "Declining Enrollment" Myth
  180. Hurrah for American Sailor Rich Wilson
  181. What makes up the cost of HIGHER EDUCATION, and why has it increased so rapidly?
  182. Are unions "liberal?"
  183. Partial comparison of Advanced Math/Science Academy and Wayland Public Schools
  184. School Budget vs. Town Budget
  185. Assessments
  186. Should Wayland have a Tax Moratorium and ask its labor to take pay cuts?
  187. "Wayland to Wayland" is a great idea ... and it already exists
  188. The value of so-called "21st-century skills"
  189. Recent RE sales reports and why they DON'T necessarily speak to value
  190. An alternative proposal to campaign lawn signs
  191. How does a Wayland education fare internationally?
  192. The age and renovation schedule for peer high schools
  193. What do you think about the policy requiring user identification?
  194. Public school regionalization: does it make sense for Wayland?
  195. Tone and tenor of the 2009 School Committee campaign
  196. The curious case of Steve Glovsky
  197. Request to Jeff Baron and Paul Grasso
  198. Setting the record straight
  199. A Ceremonial Mayor for Cochituate Village?!
  200. Jeff Baron's undeserved attack sinks to a new low
  201. Response to ConcernedSchoolParentsOfWayland.org
  202. Another blatantly dishonest flyer, this one anonymous
  203. Alan Reiss' "Dear Wayland Neighbor" flyer and unsupported claims
  204. WaylandeNews Endorsements for School Committee
  205. WaylandeNews Endorsements for Board of Selectmen
  206. WaylandeNews Endorsements for Debt Exclusions (Questions 1 and 2)
  207. Thanks, and a pledge ...
  208. What the recent real estate reports do appear to say
  209. Lurkers and Loudspeakers
  210. The more things change, ...
  211. Beyond Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives
  212. The times they are a changing... Bob Dylan
  213. Article 2 @ Town Meeting
  214. Have we out grown Town Meeting?
  215. Town Center Project Abandoned (again)
  216. Range Voting: give voters what they want.
  217. Green Dragon Tavern
  218. high tension wires in Wayland
  219. Can Anyone Play This Game?
  220. Decision made to shut down Wayland-Sudbury Septage Facility
  221. MSBA Q and A
  222. Honest political commentators?
  223. Cochituate, a Village of Wayland
  224. Topics for conversation: June 15 School Committee Retreat
  225. Are we getting what we are paying for?
  226. Amazing service to the Town
  227. Missing thread by Jeff Dieffenbach
  228. Topics for the State Of Wayland Meeting in November
  229. Are we a "center-right" nation?
  230. Orchestra Parents - anyone have experience with Spencer Brook Strings?
  231. A year of major losses
  232. 40th Anniversary of Moon Landing
  233. Today www.usnews.com Best High Schools
  234. Closing the achievement gap ... but exactly which gap?
  235. Long Time Resident Jackson Turner
  236. Is Boston coming back?
  237. "The Government Can"
  238. Veterans Memorial
  239. Health care and health insurance
  240. Town Center Request for New Financial Concessions
  241. Isn’t this Exciting?
  242. Subscribe to Wayland School Committee’s electronic newsletter
  243. Elementary School MCAS scores
  244. Are Our Children Better Educated Because of MCAS Testing?
  245. Is Our Children Learning Good?
  246. Support the MassCentral Rail Trail
  247. Forget the Student/Teacher ratio, what about the Student/Administrator ratio?
  248. Interesting take on transparency: quick lies versus more complicated truths
  249. Movie Review: Capitalism: A Love Story
  250. Special Town Meeting articles and information